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The review of the DualSense Edge, the “pro” controller of PlayStation 5

DualSense Edge and the controller “pro” di PlayStation.
Wanting to make a comparison with the competition, we could define it as the equivalent of Microsoft’s Elite.
The question we’re predictably called upon to answer is the same one Xbox gamers asked themselves at the time: do we need it? Or – staying down to earth – is it worth spending three times the price of a classic DualSense?
Yes, 3 TIMES, you read that right. DualSense Edge indeed costs 239,99 €.

The DualSense Edge review

DualSense Edge it’s the new one controller “pro” dedicated to PlayStation 5 and designed to ensure better performance and a high degree of customization. This is because to characterize it we find a series of small magnetically replaceable elements and the possibility of remapping the keys at will, which, for example, allows you to assign L2 to the square key or L1 to the triangle. All this to adapt the controller to your specific needs and the games you usually play.

As anticipated, PlayStation is not the first to offer a controller dedicated to the most demanding gamers. Xbox did the same thing in 2015 with its Elite Controller which offers the same customization possibilities. For Sony, however, this is the first time. In fact, until yesterday the only alternatives were offered by third-party manufacturers, which guaranteed excellent controllers but not the same software integration as this DualSense Edge. In fact, you can manage everything from the PS5 menu, in an easy and intuitive way.

As did?

dualsense edg recensione

Il controller “pro” di PlayStation 5 comes along with a rigid package which protects it during any transport or simply when you put it somewhere.
Once opened, inside you will find a cable that is used both for recharging and for playing with it in a wired way, thus avoiding any type of lag. It is also present an accessory in which you placed the connector before connecting it to the controller. Its purpose? Lets you block the cable and avoid accidental disconnections. For a casual gamer it is not a drama, but if you are playing an important competitive game, it could compromise the outcome of the game.

On the front the controller remains unchanged except for style changes such as the touchpad personalized with the symbols of PlayStation ee adding two FN keys.
They are different too the sticks: specifically you can choose the concave ones, the short convex ones or the long convex ones. To replace them, just pull hard and then push hard until you hear a clack.
A system that works but that we didn’t really expect: considering the price we would have appreciated a metal core with a magnetic attachment, as happens on the Xbox Elite controller. Not sure which ones to choose? The only way to figure out which ones suit your needs is to try them out. For example, if you have small hands the long ones are perhaps a little uncomfortable.

Speaking of sticks.. you know that stick lock can be removed? This operation is useful when perhaps, due to too much enthusiasm and/or wear and tear, the sticks lose their elasticity and precision.
Pull the Release button, remove the cover and lift the gray lever that holds the modules together: they will come out in an instant and you can replace them.

The rear also has some interesting changes.
First of all there are two slots that can house flaps and semi-dome keys. They are magnetic, metallic and what’s more, you can choose the combination you prefer: two semicups, two flaps, one and one or even just one of the two.

Triggers may also suit you: you can define the travel of L2 and R2 by choosing one of the three available levels. This allows, for example, to drastically reduce the aiming and shooting time in FPS. But be careful: if you change this setting you will no longer be able to take advantage of the haptic feedback typical of the DualSense controllers but not bad considering the advantages of having keys with very short travel.

DualSense Edge review: how do I customize it?

The first thing to do is update PS5 with firmware version 06.50 which adds the DualSense Edge menu.
You are now ready to go.
Holding down the FN key (right or left does not matter) will open a menu on the screen. With up and down you can quickly adjust the earphone volume while with left and right adjust the mix between game audio and chat. It seems trivial but it is a function we felt we needed.

From the profile creation screen it is possible remap every single key. For example, for Far Cry we gave the new LB stick the possibility of reloading the weapon so as to be much faster and having to move fewer fingers. On competitive games such as COD, Apex Legends or Fortnite, the advantage in terms of speed is guaranteed.

There is also a menu for managing the dead zone. For those less accustomed, the dead zone – or Dead zone – is the area around the analog sticks where the controller does not receive input. So if you move them a little-a little-a little (with the little bit depending on you and the settings) nothing happens.
The larger the deadzone, the further the stick has to move before you see anything happen on screen; on the contrary, the lower it is, the sooner our commands will be sent.
What do you need this thing for?
Think of the crosshair for a shooter. Setting a low value the viewfinder moves immediately, as soon as you touch the lever, setting a high value the camera moves only after a large movement.
There are 6 presets with accompanying explanations on how the deadzone is managed and some indication of the type of game they are best suited to; if, on the other hand, you are quite demanding, you can adjust everything manually.

A further menu can also manage the dead zone of the two triggers, an operation that makes it possible to make the pressure of these triggers almost digital, reducing the detection of the maximum pressure by 95% or, on the contrary, to make the console ignore the pressure of the trigger of any percentage.

Finally, we point out the possibility of create different profiles, con different settings, using a combination of keys to choose the right one. Specifically FN + Circle, Triangle, Square or X.

User experience

After several hours of play we can say that with a rather simple FPS like Far Cry 6 the combination of trigger with short stroke, additional key to reload faster and control of the dead zone to aim has changed the experience a lot.
If you then opt for competitive titles like Call of Duty, the benefit will be even greater.

That doesn’t mean it only makes sense with shooters, though. DualSense Edge is also useful with titles like Gof of War or Horizon Forbidden West.
Think of all those times you find yourself with a key positioned in such a way as to confuse you a little, because it’s uncomfortable for you or maybe because the position isn’t natural. A remappable controller like this could come in handy, albeit at a slightly less affordable price.

The DualSense Edge review: conclusions

Now the question is: is it necessary?
“Serve” is perhaps not the right term, unless you are training for something specific.
It is more of a tool suitable for demanding gamers, pro players and those who want to more versatility and greater comfort compared to what is offered by the normal DualSense.
But all this comes at a cost: €239.99.

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