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Samsung QLED TV: the “training at home” service arrives

With “Training at home” all the secrets of Samsung Neo QLED 8K and OLED TVs directly to your home

Samsung after-sales service offers customers with Samsung Neo QLED 8K and OLED TVs the opportunity to purchase exclusive training. These are carried out by highly qualified personnel to exploit the full power of Samsung technology. These are real dedicated consultations to discover all the features of the product and get the most out of the viewing experience, directly at home.

Details on “Home Training” for owners of Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs

Offer an increasingly premium and exclusive service to its customers and allow them to take advantage of all the advantages of the brand’s most innovative technologies. This is the purpose of Samsung Electronics Italia (click here for more info). The company gives owners of Neo QLED 8K and OLED TVs the exclusive opportunity to purchase “Training at home”. It is a dedicated consultancy to discover all the features of the product and get the most out of the viewing experience, directly at home. Thanks to the authorized assistance network and highly qualified personnel, Samsung is always close to its customers even in the post-purchase phase, accompanying those who wish to use their TV to 100% of its potential in a personalized training course. It is possible to purchase the exclusive “Training at home” service directly on the website, when purchasing the TV or even at a later stage.

Samsung QLED TV: the "training at home" service arrives

“Training at home” service: how does it work?

The session, which can be booked at the time of purchase or at a later time, takes place in the presence and directly at the customer’s home. This, with the help of the specialized technician, can carry out all the necessary configurations, from the basic ones to the more advanced ones. From the brightness of the screen, to the contrast of the images, to the most suitable audio for the environment in which it is placed! The qualified personnel of the Samsung Service Centers are able to optimize the TV according to the customer’s needs. So as to guarantee in any case the best visual performance ever. All the details of the “Training at home” service are available at the following link. For more information on all the premium services available on the Samsung online shop, visit the Samsung website.

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