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The review of the Proscenic P11 Smart: the vacuum cleaner that has it all

Cleaning the house has also become one of those areas now dominated by technology that if it can replace the old elbow grease is always welcome. But where the automation of a vacuum cleaner robot does not reach, here it is necessary to use our hands, obviously with the necessary support. This could just come from the new one Proscenic P11 Smart, the wireless and smart electric broom by Proscenic designed to help us clean the house quickly, accurately and effectively. Not only friend of the cleaning man or woman but also of animals, as it is also designed to take care of our four-legged friends but above all of their endless hair. So let’s find out all the features, price and performance of the Proscenic P11 Smart in this review.

The review of the Proscenic P11 Smart electric broom


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Let’s start immediately by saying that the Proscenic P11 Smart cordless vacuum cleaner presents itself in an optimal way. The classic design of the electric brooms is enriched by a vivid blue that decorates the upper part of the main motor, the main brush and the buttons to release and attach the accessories, making it easier to locate them. In the central body we find the motor (which we will analyze later) together with the large container for dust, sponge filtration and the now inevitable HEPA filter capable of capturing 99.99% of particles.

On the top of the engine, we find a Display Touch to select the three different suction modes or keep an eye on the current battery level.

The dust container can be disassembled with a click and hooked up just as easily making cleaning sessions quick and simple. All in all, the central body is handy and light enough to carryobviously the weight will increase depending on the accessories but overall the maneuverability is excellent.

About accessoriesinside the package we find:

  • Central engine
  • Suction head for floors, the main brush with which we are going to clean the floors
  • Elongated tube
  • Roller brush, designed to thoroughly clean mattresses and sofas
  • Power adapterto recharge the battery
  • wall charging base installation
  • Round brushfor precision work
  • Elongated square suction head
  • Mini suction head
  • Brush for cleaning the electric broom


IThe strong point of the Proscenic P11 Smart electric broom is certainly the technology inside which makes it really Smart! First of all, let’s talk about what usually feeds the doubts of the most skeptical of electric brooms: power. The Proscenic P11 Smart boasts a maximum suction power of 30,000 Pa which translates into optimum performance to clean the house from top to bottom.

The electric broom it also supports Vboost technology able to identify the type of floor and the presence of a carpet. In this case, the electric broom will decide independently to increase the suction power without you having to press any button to obtain maximum performance at minimum battery consumption.

Here comes the sore point of all electric brooms: autonomy. In this case, we are faced with a capacious one 8-cell high-capacity battery capable of guaranteeing an autonomy of about 60 minutes at minimum power. Clearly the time decreases if you decide to aspire to maximum power. Fortunately, the battery will be able to recharge to 100% in about 120 minutes.

The Proscenic P11 Smart is also able to connect to the Proscenic Smart Home application. From here you will be able to see the cleaning time and habits over time as well as, most importantly, keep an eye on the consumption of items such as hepa filter which must be replaced every tot.

Our test of the Proscenic P11 Smart vacuum cleaner

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For this review, we have replaced the Proscenic 11 Smart for our daily home cleaning systems to see the potential of this electric broom live. Let’s start immediately by saying that from an aesthetic and material point of view, the Proscenic P11 has nothing to envy to the competitors on the market that require a much higher expense. Once connected to the App and fixed the charging base to the wall (two stops are enough, even we did!) We begin to vacuum as if there was no tomorrow.

Lthe suction power is really excellent even at the lowest power level which made us very happy especially in view of the aforementioned “autonomy problem”. Despite our best efforts, there have been few times the electric broom has left us in the middle of a cleaning session. Most of the time we were able to clean our apartment (about 90 m2) with a single charge. Clearly, the situation changes if there is a lot of dirt and it is necessary to aspire to maximum power. Calibrate the times and needs well and you will not have problems.

Regarding the time there is also to consider the weight factor. Although we are dealing with a very handy electric broom, the weight of the motor starts to be felt after a while, especially if you are using accessories other than the main broom, that is, without the floor support that absorbs the weight. The sessions to be devoted to cleaning mattresses or furniture will inevitably be short but no less effective.

Proscenic P11 Smart: let’s discover the grooming kit for animals

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Honorable mention should be made to the Proscenic P11 Smart Grooming Kit dedicated to animals (sold separately). To test the wonders of this kit, having no pets at home, we asked for the support of Brianna and Luna, two adorable neighbors’ dogs who “voluntarily” offered to receive the loving care of this kit.

After a first aversion due to the “unknown object in sight” factor, the two dogs at our disposal were taken care of by the fantastic gadgets included in this kit which maintain the high quality level of the electric broom.

The Grooming Kit package includes:

  • Comb Brush: designed to remove unwanted hair, tangles, dandruff and other elements from the pet’s coat. Obviously it can be connected with Proscenic wireless vacuum cleaners (P10 PRO, P11, P11 Smart, i10) for easy combing, without messing up the house
  • Epilator brush
  • Electric shaver: Equipped with 4 adjustable guard combs (6mm / 12mm / 18mm / 24mm) which are applicable to cut hair of different lengths using a sharp stainless steel blade.
  • Extender tube: equipped with a movable body designed to focus attention on the animal without worrying about holding the engine

Each accessory performs its function very well and combing while vacuuming at the same time makes us forget those annoying fluttering hairs all over the house. A godsend for pet owners.

proscenic p11  Brianna 1The fruit of our work

The Proscenic P11 Smart review in brief

As anticipated, the Proscenic P11 Smart proved to be a very valuable helper for daily cleaning. Quick, effective and versatile, we have used it for any kind of dirt, from the most stubborn to the lightest to always remain satisfied. The lack of autonomy, typical of all electric brooms on the market, is compensated by the intelligence of the Proscenic which automatically chooses the power to be used at that moment.

Cherry on the cake? The price! Everything we have read is available for € 239.99 (The Grooming Kit is sold separately for € 79.99). A more than competitive expense when compared to the competition, for a truly exceptional value for money!

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