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The review of Wacom Cintiq Pro 16, the 4K interactive display

Don’t call it a “graphics tablet”. There Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 is indeed an interactive display, that is a pen screen that you can connect to your computer and that you can use exclusively for drawing, retouching photos and, if desired, even for video editing.
But how does it behave in the field? What does it offer compared to a normal tablet? To find out, we put it to the test for a few weeks.

The Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 review

Before going into the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 review we would like to clarify an important point: what the heck is an interactive display?
A few years ago we only had the t’sgraphic avolettes, traditional ones. No screen, therefore, but only a more or less large surface which was combined with a digital pen and which required excellent hand-eye coordination; this is because professionals and enthusiasts found themselves working on the tablet while looking at the computer monitor.
This type of graphic tablets is still on the market but it is not the only type available to artists or aspiring artists. Do you think that over the years these devices have evolved so much to become real workstations, that is, autonomous computers that act as both a graphics tablet and a laptop. In the middle we find themi interactive displaywhich, as anticipated, are screens that can interact with the inevitable pen but need to be connected to a PC or a Mac. This means that they are not autonomous but still allow you to draw without having to look elsewhere.

How is it configured?

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 does not have an internal battery and does not work far from a PC. That’s why you can find on the back 3 entrances, with at least two of them that must be properly connected to be able to use this interactive display.
Why “at least”?
The port on the right is the power port because yes, the Cintiq Pro 16 needs power to work. Moreover, the entrance is proprietary, so you will have to necessarily rely on the official charger.

The central connector is a USB-C while on the left we have HDMI, the only one that theoretically you could avoid using.
What do you mean?
If your PC has a USB-C input that supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode, then you just need a USB-C / USB-C cable to both transmit the various inputs and to duplicate or expand your computer screen.
If you don’t have this type of port, then you will need to use the USB-C / USB-A cable for input transfer and HDMI for screen expansion or duplication.
All these cables are included in the package.

Once connected, you will need to download the official software from the Wacom website. Follow the instructions, restart your PC or Mac and at that point you will be ready to take advantage of the tablet.

Design, display e Pro Pen 2

On the front we have a 16-inch display with 4K resolution, coated with a special treatment that serves to create friction and therefore to simulate the sensation of drawing on paper. The screen then has a matte coating, which reduces reflections, and was designed to avoid parallax, which means the cursor is exactly where you expect to see it.

The frames are rather bulky and the thickness is not uniform, with the tablet being thicker at the top and thinner at the bottom. This allows it to already have its natural inclination, an inclination that you can increase using the feet that you find on the back and that hold itinclined by 20°. If you would like to further change the inclination you will necessarily have to buy the Wacom VESA support, on sale at € 79.90.

Also on the back we find 8 physical keys Express Key, with whom, however, we have not been able to forge a true friendship.
We explain better.
On the one hand they have a nice feeling, they are comfortable and you can customize them to suit your needs. For example, you can use them to switch on the fly from the Cintiq Pro 16 to the PC display or to call up Wacom software.
On the other hand, however, we often touch them when we lift and move the tablet. Probably a lower positioning would have helped us avoid unintentional pressures.

On the rear edge we finally have a button and a switch: the first is the one for switching on and off, while the sign allows you to enable or disable multitouch. This is because you can interact with the Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 either using the pen or using your fingers. However, the Japanese display is not always able to correctly distinguish the touch of the Pro Pen 2 from that of the hand; this opens the way for involuntary interactions, with fingers and palm accidentally selecting colors, tools and options. That’s why Wacom has opted for a switch that disables touch.
In our opinion, however, it is not the best possible solution because the switch is less immediate than a key, which slows you down a bit during use. In fact, when you are drawing, it often happens to use your fingers to zoom or point the area that interests you; with this system you lose a few seconds in finding the switch, enabling it, arranging the drawing area and then disabling the touch again to continue your work.
The alternative is to purchase the appropriate one Wacom glove, that covers the ring finger, little finger and the outside of the hand to avoid accidental touches. The cost? Actually super-content: € 9.98.

We conclude with the Pro Pen 2, flanked by the special stand and spare tips. To characterize it we find over 8000 pressure levels, the rear tire e two buttons that you can customize using Wacom software. We have chosen to associate them with the right click of the mouse and with Cancel, so we can delete the last thing you did on the fly, but you are free to combine them with the functions you most use or prefer.

The field test

Ok, let’s get to everyday use. How does the tablet behave?
Overall very good.

16 inches isn’t a lot. Or rather, they are not enough to replace the main monitor and therefore to do everything with the Cintiq Pro 16. You will therefore have to put two monitors side by side and this it definitely requires some space on your desk or work table.
Said this, the sensation during use is very pleasant. There are no annoying reflections, there is no lag and the pen can easily accompany you in every situation. Moreover, thanks to the absence of an internal battery, it is very light so you can use it even for long periods of time without tiring your hand.

The screen is great, with 98% Adobe RGB color space coverage so you have a realistic reproduction of the various shades, which is useful both if you are drawing and if you want to use the tablet for photo editing.

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 review: conclusions

Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 is sold at 1.499,98 €.
There are not a few but it is not a tablet that you choose if you simply have a passion for drawing. It is a product that you buy if you are a professional with specific needs. With that figure, in fact, you take home a device with a very high build quality, an excellent 4K display, 8 quick keys and one of the best pens on the market.
Some of you will think “okay, I’ll buy a tablet”. It is not wrong but it is not the same. Here too it depends on your needs. The tablet allows you to interact and use programs that may not exist on the tablet. Think for example of the Adobe suite. It is true that on the stores you will find similar but not exactly the same apps.
If, on the other hand, you think that Illustrator Draw or ProCreate are more than enough and that you don’t need your PC or Mac to draw and work, then it makes sense to save and go to a tablet.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Display 4K
  • Pro Pen 2
  • 8 quick keys …


  • … But the positioning did not convince us
  • You are always bound to the PC and the power grid

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