The revolution in domestic cleaning: the Dreame Technology X Series

Dreame Technology, a cutting-edge company in the field of innovative home appliances, is proud to present the new X Series, which includes three advanced robot vacuum cleaners

At the top of the range is theX40 Ultra Complete, now available as the most powerful robot vacuum cleaner on the market. There Dreame X Series revolutionizes the concept of domestic cleaning with its industry-leading advanced Dual-Flex Arm Edge-Cleaning technology. This system guarantees precise and effective cleaning even in the most difficult corners, exceeding the performance of any other vacuum cleaner available on the market.

The revolution in domestic cleaning: the Dreame Technology X SeriesThe revolution in domestic cleaning: the Dreame Technology X Series

Advanced technologies for exceptional home cleaning

I X40 Ultra Complete and X40 Master models include the tecnologia SideReachTM Vacuuming, equipped with a motorized side brush that extends beyond 10 mm from the body of the robot. This allows them to reach the tightest corners with agility, ensuring complete and precise cleaning.

Furthermore, the MopExtend RoboSwing function allows all three robots to rotate the extended mop, reaching even the tightest spaces under furniture as low as 4cm, to eliminate dust and hidden dirt.

The Serie X goes beyond cleaning standards by allowing you to raise the main brush, side brush and mop, for even more personalized and effective cleaning. This feature is particularly useful when cleaning carpets or in pure cleaning mode, avoiding hair knotting and dampening of carpets.

The All-In-One charging base represents a further evolution in the field of domestic cleaning. While the robot charges in the dock after cleaning, the sink is rinsed thoroughly, ensuring a spotless clean every time. This makes Dreame the reference point for home cleaningoffering a complete charging station with all the features needed to keep your home clean and tidy.

The revolution in domestic cleaning: the Dreame Technology X SeriesThe revolution in domestic cleaning: the Dreame Technology X Series

Specialized carpet cleaning

The Series X also offers specialized cleaning for carpets, with powerful suction capabilities and Mop-Removal technology for deep cleaning. Each model is equipped with a TriCut brush designed to reduce tangling and simplify maintenance.

Dirt detection technology CleanGenius 2.0 and the Smart Pathfinder navigation they ensure impeccable cleaning, identifying the dirtiest areas and guiding the robot along the most efficient path.

Exclusive optional accessoriesas the Kit for Connection to Water and Tri-Cut Brushoffer additional features and customizations to meet the cleaning needs of each user.

L’X40 Ultra Complete it will gradually be available on shelves starting April 9the, at the price of €1,499including an annual maintenance kit. Stay tuned for X30 Ultra and X40 Master model launches in Q2 2024!

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