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The Samsung Bespoke Jet cordless vacuum cleaner review

There are those who hate cleaning and those who lie. We are always looking for a shortcut, some quick and easy way to have a clean house without wasting time and effort. Fortunately, technology comes up against us. And with “technology” this time we mean the cordless vacuum cleaner Samsung Bespoke Jet, to find a new one to escape the days spent collecting dust and cat hair.

The design of the Samsung Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner

Samsung’s latest vacuum cleaner is an undisputed top of the range, not that we expected less. With great attention to every detail, Bespoke Jet has areally elegant aesthetics, with sinuous, captivating lines. Available in different colors, this device has a futuristic, almost sci-fi feel, with your choice of finishes: petrol blue – sober and refined -, dark green and white.

But let’s move on to the most important aspects, the Bespoke Jet vacuum cleaner has a good grip, the gestures are comfortable and natural. Although the size is considerable, the weight is just 1.44 kilograms, much lighter than many similar high-end products. So no mastodons to carry, but a cordless, light and handy vacuum cleaner.

Among the tech goodies stands out the display LCD which shows the main information, including the level of the suction power, the remaining autonomy, the presence of any problems and indications on how to solve them. A useful function for those who carelessly vacuum any and jam the brushes. Below the display, the on and off button is positioned, so there is no classic button positioned on the handle.

Accessories included

Of course, Bespoke Jet is not a small expense, but the purchase also gives access to a accessory package very useful. Among these is included the charging and emptying base, a secondary charger and different terminations, such as the scrubbing brush with microfibre cloths. In addition, a stand is included to support the whole kit.

How does Bespoke Jet behave?

We are princesses, yes, but we love tech. So let’s put the design aside and move on to the performance and features that make this Samsung vacuum cleaner a little gem. Under the body of the Bespoke Jet there is a engine with a four-stage suction power which varies from 18 to 210 W (in Jet mode). It goes without saying that it works like a god.

The autonomy of the battery is commensurate with the suction intensity: by setting the minimum power, the duration reached up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted use. Maybe not a lot, but enough to clean a medium-sized house, since you won’t need to go through the same spot twice.

By taking advantage of the intermediate speed, however, the autonomy is shortened. In JET mode the vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, has little autonomy, about ten minutes. Our advice is to use medium speed and use maximum power only in the dirtiest places. This way you should have 20/30 minutes of battery. In fact, the truth is that, unless you live “buried in the house”, the Jet mode will not serve you on the entire surface to be vacuumed.

However, Bespoke Jet comes with one second battery which bring the total autonomy to 120 minutes, also because the additional battery can be recharged at the same time as the main one so as to never run out of water. In short, you can start cleaning and change the gear on the go if you need it.

On balance then Bespoke Jet does its duty very well. You will not find residues on the ground, not even very thin. You can vacuum up pet hair, pollen, sand and super fine dust.

The Samsung vacuum cleaner at work

As we already said, Bespoke Jet has a low weight, which makes the handle more agile and less tiring. You will just have to get used to the more complex movements which can be difficult at first glance. On the other hand, however, you can count on flexibility of the handle. This is a very important aspect for anyone who owns pets or has trouble getting the broom under furniture. Bespoke Jet manages to slip into every corner, even large al extendable metal tube which can be adjusted to vacuum in difficult places

As we said at the beginning of this review, what matters is forgetting about the dirt and struggling less and less to keep the house clean. We can say that with Bespoke Jet yes actually saves time. The strong suction power manages to collect all the dirt in a few seconds, without second passes.

In addition, the multifunctional dock, one of the most interesting components of the product, is able to eat up dust accumulated in the tank without having to have the slightest contact with it. In addition, this Samsung vacuum cleaner is equipped with a five-level filter system for reduce bacteria and allergenic elements by 99.9%.

On the other hand, one aspect that can be improved is isdisposable bags, which yes, they have a good capacity but are still elements that you must get rid of periodically. On such a vacuum cleaner we expected something different.

Our conclusions

We come to the fatigue question: is it worth it? Of course, the new powerful Samsung vacuum cleaner has a high starting price: 1.149 euro. It should be considered that this is not a simple wireless vacuum cleaner, but a self-cleaning device, in large part also eliminating bacteria and allergens. A truly innovative product, simple to use and full of unique features at the moment. Sure the battery doesn’t last very long, but overall we believe it’s a good investment.

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