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Bagdad Café in exclusive its IWONDERFULL

Bagdad Café by Percy Adlon is finally available on IWONDERFULL, the streaming platform of I Wonder Pictures. Over the years, Adlon’s film has become a true cult film in 80s auteur cinema and this pleasant novelty is the first of a collection of classics that will land, month after month, on the platform

Andrea Romeofounder of I Wonder Pictures, did not want to miss the unparalleled opportunity to broadcast great films of the past about his new creature. You took the opportunity by acquiring a rundown of films that will go on WONDERFUL, but which will also be available to festivals such as in Venice, in the selection of Venezia Classici. They were also announced The Mysteries of the Compton House Garden from Peter Greenaway e My Little Lovers from Jean Eustache.

Bagdad Café, the synopsis of the film coming to IWONDERFULL

Bagdad Café is the story of Jasmin, who after a quarrel with her husband during a vacation decides to get out of the car and start a new life. Jasmin arrives at the Bagdad Café, she meets the exuberant Brenda and decides to stay there. Brenda offers her a job, she entertains her clientele with her sleight of hand and her humanity. Bagdad Café is a beautiful place, almost a dream picture out of reality, or maybe not.

The film, directed by the German Percy Adlon and interpreted in an extraordinary way by Marianne Sawbrechthas remained in the collective memory also thanks to the soundtrack “Calling You” by Jevetta Steelwhich has become an evergreen like the film.

Bagdad Café in exclusive its IWONDERFULL

Percy Adlon and some curiosities about the 80s cult movie

Like any self-respecting cult film, there are some little-known goodies, but which make the film even more fascinating. Here are some curiosities:

LOCATION – Il Baghdad Cafe it’s a lost place in the desert that also exists in real life, in fact is a quaint hostel and service station located along the road that connects Damascus to the Palmyra oasis, a few kilometers after the crossroads for the border with Iraq and Baghdad, in the Syrian desert. The name of the place and the setting are deliberately inspired by the motel in the desert of the Mojave, in California, made famous by the film.

Bagdad Café in exclusive its IWONDERFULL

THE IDEA – director Percy Adlon said that the idea of ​​making this film came to his wife during a trip on Route 66. While he was driving in the desert of Mojave they spotted a beam of lights in the sky produced by thousands of mirrors placed on the ground. They took pictures while sipping a coffee, and thus began to fantasize about a story involving two women with opposite characters: a Bavarian tourist – Adlon pensò immediately to Marianne Saegebrecht, actress who had already directed, with success, in her previous film Sugar Baby – and the black owner of a club in the middle of the desert.

BRENDA – From the very beginning, Adlon had thought of Whoopi Goldberg for the role of Brendaalso seen the wave of success of the film The color Purple by Steven Spielberg who saw her as the protagonist. Unfortunately Goldberg turned down the role, which he later went on to CCH Pounder, an unknown actress, who however impressed the director from the very first casting. CCH Pounder, as well as for the memorable performance of Brenda in Baghdad Café, is most famous for her roles in successful TV series such as Miami vice, The X-Files, IS e Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

SOUNDTRACK – Bagdad Café is also remembered thanks to its beautiful soundtrack, written by Bob Telson. Director Percy Adlon was shrouded in skepticism as he was disinclined to theme songs, but it didn’t stop Telson from writing one of the most beautiful songs in the history of cinema, Calling you, which in the film is sung by Jevetta Steele. The song became a timeless hit, earned an Oscar nomination, and was performed by the likes of Tracy Chapman, Jeff Buckley, Céline Dion, Etta James, Scarlett Johansson and also our very Italian Giorgia.

The ideal definition of Bagdad Cafè is “feel good movie”, and it’s true, to feel better just go to To stay updated on upcoming releases, keep following us!

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