The Sandbox and Dimitri Vegas together to bring Alien Samurai Dino Warriors to the metaverse

The Sandbox e Dimitri Vegas insieme per portare Alien Samurai Dino Warriors nel metaverso thumbnail

An agreement has been announced today between The Sandbox and Dream Big Productions, a company owned by DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas Thivaios. The collaboration will lead to the birth of DinoVerse, a LAND open to users characterized by an arcade gaming experience, in homage to classic fighting games. In addition, the partnership will lead to a real tribute to the graphic novel Alien Samurai Dino Warriors, with heroes and villains of the franchise reproduced in voxel style.

Players will thus be able to meet in the metaverse and choose whether to “fight” or make friends. If they choose the former they will have a large number of weapons to use.

The video announcing the collaboration between The Sandbox and Dimitri Vegas

“The versatility of Dimitri’s talent and the variety of his work reflect the diversity of art and entertainment we seek to show in The Sandbox,” he said. Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox. “We are thrilled to welcome Alien Samurai Dino Warriors to the metaverse.”

As a first step in the collaboration, The Sandbox will offer an exclusive dinosaur-voxel to current collectibles owners of the first Dino Warriors NFT series.

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