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What you need to know about Iron Harvest’s new World Map Campaign mode

Iron Harvest Cover

The first of three updates for Iron Harvest arrives today, bringing the new World Map Campaign mode and over 40 new missions to PC. The update will also arrive on consoles in the near future, expanding the gaming experience of the award-winning RTS developed by KING Art Games.

World Map campaigns offer a new and even more exciting way to experience alternate history set in the 1920s. It is an era in which warring nations go to great lengths to protect their territories from attackers. To do this, players will have to test their tactical knowledge, to fine-tune the winning strategy and overwhelm the enemies.

The Iron Harvest: World Map Campaign Trailer

The new scenarios introduced present challenging missions for players, who will be able to revisit the 60 maps provided by the game. You know: in war there are no rules, that’s why you have to be creative, to command the gigantic dieselpunk mechs with unusual tactics. In total, the update has 40 new missions. Among the novelties we also point out the new 3v3 multiplayer map Forgotten Fortress. The latter will take players to the dangerous desert of Arabia.

Finally, remember that Iron Harvest is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5. In her review of the game for Tech Princess, our Francesca wrote: “Iron Harvest is a game that deserves our attention, despite the flaws, but it all depends on the real element of attention we are looking for. If you are thirsty for clashes, fights, and above all a lover of history (however revisited), this game could be for you. “

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