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The second generation Hyundai Kona restarts from the electric

Surprise: Hyundai Kona, the second generation, restarts from electric. Well, brands start making us prep electrical outlets. To the range Hyundai the new Kona is added.

An entirely new style perfectly in line with the current design on the market. The Compact SUV Korean confirms a wide range of thermal, hybrid and electric engines. Some style details are undoubtedly reminiscent of those of the electric cars from famiglia Ioniq.

Hyundai Kona electric, LED light clusters underline the silhouette

Hyundai Kona electric has a front that is a pure exercise in minimalist style. The thin optical groups are highlighted by a horizontal LED strip. This runs along the front of the car.

Another feature that highlights the new electric Kona. From the other engines it is the pixel style taken from the Ioniq family. For the others the design is more compact. The pixel theme dominates the His EV, returning to the rear bumper and 19″ alloy wheels.

Hyundai Kona, the second generation restarts from electric, press officeHyundai Kona, the second generation restarts from electric, press office

Hyundai Kona electric, new interior inspired by the Ioniq range

The interior gives a nod to a modern living room. Above all, it draws its inspiration from the Ioniq family. The steering wheel loses the Hyundai logo in favor of a horizontal chrome strip. As on the Ioniq 5 and 6 models, we find all the main controls, including the gear selector.

Spacious interior with a layout arranged with a floating horizontal element. Equipped with dual 12.3-inch displays and dedicated lighting designed to improve comfort.

let’s move on toinfotainment fully updated to the latest generation. This supports the OTA updates for continuous improvements over time. While the connectivity is also given by porte USB-C available. This is also provided for the rear passengers, one of which has a data carrier at the front for compatibility with electronic devices. Also there is a presa da 12 Volt.

Hyundai Kona, the second generation restarts from electric, press officeHyundai Kona, the second generation restarts from electric, press office

Electric Hyundai Kona, comfortable seats with full comfort

I seats optional relaxation developed to optimize the pressure body for a ‘weightless’ effect. They are an element that helps relieve tiredness after driving, reclining to the ideal position. The flat rear sofa (Curveless Bench Seat) maximizes passenger habitability, with backrests adjustable to two different angles that guarantee uncompromising comfort. There is no shortage of updates to the security systems, including the new one Highway Driving Assist 2 for electric, e HDA 1.5 pfor the endothermic and hybrid versions which helps to maintain a predefined speed. Then there are the lane keeping, the blind spot sensor, the intelligent speed limiter, the High Beam Assist and the Driver Attention Warning

Hyundai Kona, the second generation restarts from electric

Hyundai focus on the new one Kona electricwhich is the variant where all development started. In particular, the battery is equipped with pre-conditioning which allows it to maintain excellent recharging performance and autonomy even in winter. The car is equipped with e-ASD, which creates a virtual sound useful for safety and making the car more engaging. Also, just like the Ioniq, it is equipped with Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology to power any device or other electrical equipment for maximum convenience. Two battery sizes: the base is 48.4 kWh and joins a motor from 114.6 kW o 156 CV and torque of 255 N/m, but we still don’t know the autonomy of this version. The most capacious is from 65,4 kWh combined with an engine from 160 kW o 217 CVagain with a torque of 255 N/m and a range of 490 km on the WLTP cycle.

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