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The semiconductor crisis is not going to end anytime soon

The semiconductor crisis it does not seem destined to end anytime soon. This is the prediction of Lisa SuCEO of AMD, who stated that the situation could return to normal around the second half of 2022. ““ The investments in the semiconductor sector have been huge, whether we’re talking about the wafer side or the back-end side. Me I expect the next few months to be still difficult, but as early as the second half of 2022 we could begin to notice improvements “, so he declared in an interview with Yahoo Finance.

Semiconductor Crisis: AMD CEO Lisa Su’s predictions

A few months ago AMD had highlighted how the semiconductor crisis had affected its production only marginally. The credit, according to Lisa Su, would have been the work of the procurement team. Yet now the situation appears to be quite different from that described months ago. Not surprisingly, the same Su intervened to affirm that the crisis could only end in the second half of 2022. Not before. Despite this, the dire effects of the semiconductor crisis could be mitigated by the future approval of the decree “CHIPS for America”.

As you can understand, this is a series of initiatives that aim to bring back the production of chips within the American borders. An important measure, which was already approved by the American Senate in June 2021, but which is now under discussion in the House of Representatives. From what has been reported, however, the decree could be approved shortly. And it is clear that this would have a considerable influence on the semiconductor crisis, and beyond. In any case, the situation currently appears to be moving towards more normal levels of supply. And this makes us realize that Lisa Su may indeed have foreseen the future. But we will only find out in mid-2022.

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