The SharePlay feature is coming to iOS 15

La funzione SharePlay sta per arrivare su iOS 15 thumbnail

The function SharePlay, which allows you to synchronize the playback of a movie or series with your friends on FaceTime, it should have come with iOS 15. Instead it did not. But Apple could fix it very soon: the feature reappears in the beta for iOS 15.1, the first update after the announcement of the new iPhone 13.

FaceTime’s SharePlay feature is coming to iOS 15

The possibility of watching a TV series with your friends even from a distance has aroused the interest of many people. During the various lockdowns, various browser extensions and apps were born that allowed to synchronize the vision, so as to comment together on your favorite show. But the ability to do it within FaceTime, with a system developed by Apple, was one of the main reasons why many were waiting for iOS 15.

Unfortunately, the expectations of the fans were deludede when the update comes out this Monday. Apple had already removed SharePlay during the beta, to be able to work better on it. But many developers thought it would be ready for the launch of the new iPhones.

However, Apple seems to want to fix it quickly by introducing the functionality already into beta of iOS 15.1, the first update of the new software generation. Arriving in beta does not ensure that the official update will include the feature. But it certainly gives hope.

In addition to SharePlay, the new version of the iPhone operating system has other interesting features. For example the possibility of save your vaccination card (in Italy the Green Pass) within the app Salute. And many other fixes and small tweaks for the new version of the operating system.

The hope therefore is that SharePlay will arrive soon: it is the kind of functionality that everyone is curious to tryAnd. Hoping that Apple does not postpone the release again.