The Sims 3 also gets involved in Russian propaganda

Anche The Sims 3 finisce coinvolto nella propaganda russa thumbnail

The media campaign in Russia on the conflict in Ukraine it also involved the world of video games. In fact the Russian propaganda showed some copies of the The Sims 3 video game next to some Nazi effigies of an alleged Ukrainian bomber.

Russian propaganda also involves The Sims 3

The announcement comes from the Twitter account of Francis Scarrwhich monitors for the BBC i Russian media. A way to analyze the Kremlin propaganda, especially regarding the Ukrainian invasion. According to reports, the presenter Vladimir Solovyov reported a communication of FSB about an attempt on his life.

Federal authorities reportedly found a Ukrainian Nazi assassin, part of an unspecified terrorist group. As proof of his Nazi affiliationfederal agents showed photographs of Hitler hanging in the room, swastika t-shirts and neo-fascist groups.

But among all these objects, one is particularly striking: three copies of The Sims 3.

It is unclear why the agents showcased the video gamein what the Western media read as a purely propaganda operation.

The presenter who was supposed to be the intended victim of this terrorist attack continued the broadcast talking about the Ukrainian president Zelensky. Scarr translates his speech by saying that, according to the speaker, the current president would have “looked for work on Russian state TV but he wasn’t talented enough ”.

If you want to find out more details on how the Russian media is covering the conflict and how the Kremlin propaganda operates, you can follow the account. BBC Monitoring on Twitter.

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