The Sims 4: confirmed the release date of the Oasis Kit in the garden

The release date of the new expansion of The Sims 4: Oasis in the Garden Kit has been revealed, through which it will be possible to create environments inspired by the riads of Morocco

The announcement of the next release of the Kit comes directly from Electronics Art Oasis in the garden per The Sims 4; as for those previously released, it will be possible to integrate it with the game on both PC and Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The video game developed by Maxis continues to grow, which last February celebrated its twenty-first birthday.

The Sims 4 Garden Oasis Kit: release date and features

The Sims 4 Oasis in the Garden kit release date is set for next year May 18; it will therefore be possible to integrate the package starting from next week. The expansion is characterized by the introduction into the game of elements deriving from the classic furniture and architecture of the raid of Morocco. Players can then have fun creating a real oasis inside their avatar’s home, enriching it with the numerous decorative objects on the theme, such as colorful fountains and lush tropical plants.

The Sims 4: confirmed the release date of the Oasis Kit in the garden

Although they have passed seven years since the release of The Sims 4, the game still stands today extremely popular. This is certainly due to the franchise’s ability to create and retain a large area of ​​passionate players over the years. For the creation of this loyal and engaged fan base, the ability of the developers of renew the game: there has never been a lack of packages and expansions which, depending on, have brought aesthetic or gameplay innovations.

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