The Sims Announces Spark Something Campaign

The Sims annuncia la campagna Spark Something thumbnail

EA and Maxis recently announced the campaign Spark Something per The Simsor a message of love to creative potential e all’constant commitment of the creators for the franchise. Let’s find out all the details together.

Spark Something, the new campaign for The Sims

Creativity has been a core value of The Sims for over 22 years old and the team believes the discovery is the engine of innovation and of community. Spark Something will come to life with Pass the Sparka short film that features an incredible cast of creators using The Sims to ignite their creativity, including:

  • Anitta, global pop star and the first Brazilian artist to win an MTV Video Music Award;
  • Alok, writer and performer who challenges the gender binomial;
  • Magnet, a queer creative who creates lively cakes with playful floral elements;
  • Bob’s Dance Shop, an entertainment group that combines dance, music and fashion to spread joy and encourage self-expression.

Maxis knows that inspiration is contagious, and therefore believes that discovery and creativity can create a better world. In the short, which you can see above, you have the opportunity to follow the iconic green plumbob of The Sims move from one creator to another. Over the course of his journey, this little plumbob will do strike a spark of inspiration able to transform and stimulate art, authentic individual expression and the world around us. The film Pass the spark it’s a love letter to every Simmer’s potential to inspire mutual change and those who dare to leave a mark.

Julia Victorhead of branding for The Sims, said:

“We recognize that the creativity of The Sims community is far greater than its output in The Sims. It expresses who each member becomes and who they are inspired by even outside of the game. Spark a Spark represents our commitment to unlocking the creative potential within each of us, and this film is our first love letter to the community we strive to serve. It is the first time that we have presented the plumbob as a light bulb, a symbol of the moment in which an idea is born.”

For more information, you can consult the official site di The Sims.