CUPRA Born e-Boost, our electric sports test

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Month after month, more and more space is made in the world of four wheels electric cars. In parallel with an increasingly solid and accessible ecosystem, the market is always welcoming new models that are more attentive to consumer needs. It is also thanks to this that it arrives on the market CUPRA Born e-Boostthe sportier new incarnation of one of the most interesting brands of recent years.

Born e-Boost comes at a key moment for CUPRA

In fact, this brand is a relatively new presence on the market, which developed in 2018 within the Volkswagen group. The idea was to create a car brand that wasn’t necessarily premium, but that aimed to be contemporary. Fulfilling to drive, but still accessible to the general public. In fact, he really appreciated the idea.

Numbers in hand, in fact, the CUPRA brand, especially with its now famous brand Formentorhas had impressive growth. In a more or less constant way the numbers have doubled from one year to the next, up to to the 250,000 units sold worldwide to date. And in fact, around 125,000 of these were sold in the months from January to October 2022.

What is particularly striking on a statistical level is theaverage age of the owners. Although it is not a particularly cheap brand, there are so many kids who choose CUPRA. This is also due to a precise brand commitment, which tries in every way to create a communication capable of intercepting the younger age groups, speaking their language and binding on their myths. A way to go beyond the simple concept of automotive, to become a movement brand, almost to the limits of lifestyle.

But let’s get back to the CUPRA Born e-Boost…

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With the growth and expansion of the offer, the brand has decided to open its doors to electric cars as well, launching the first model 100% with this feed a few months ago. We are talking about the CUPRA Born, which now takes its own one step further eBoost versionmore sporty and decisive.

The power can be seen directly from 231 CV that the drivers of this car have at their disposal on their journeys. To make everything even more interesting, the presence of a torque of 310 Nm with instant delivery, capable of generating acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.6 seconds.

When it comes to electricity, however, it becomes important to think about battery. The plant proposed by CUPRA Born e-Boost is designed to offer one of the highest ranges in its sector, reaching a peak of 552 km, in the best possible conditions. If it is then necessary to regain energy quickly, there is a DC charging system up to 135 kW of powerto regain a hundred km of autonomy in just a few minutes.

This new version introduces some series novelty that meet user requests. Among these, greater attention to physicality of the keys, easier to use. In particular, two buttons have been added to the steering wheel that allow you to quickly adjust the driving mode, with one entirely dedicated to accessing the sportier and more aggressive profile. Which in fact we had fun launching on the Venetian hills…

Our test of the CUPRA Born e-Boost

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We indeed could road test this new model from CUPRA. The first impression from the outside was quite convincing. The lines of the car are a good balance between those of a traditional sedan and its sporty soul. Once you enter the cockpit, you notice excellent space managementwith an eye to comfort for both rider and passenger.

The interiors are decidedly appreciable, with comfortable and pleasing to the eye seats (which are made entirely with recycled plastics). What is striking is the almost total no keys, with an incredibly clean design. They are found only on the steering wheel, from which it is possible to access many functions, while the rest can be controlled via a display touch. A therefore remarkably clean dashboard, which is very distinctive and pleasing to the eye.

Driving CUPRA Born e-Boost is absolutely lovable. It slides on the asphalt with exceptional softness, remaining nonetheless fully in our control. Unfortunately, our test took place in the rain, so we weren’t able to really push it fully on some aspects, but on the other hand we were able to appreciate how it responded perfectly even in adverse weather conditions.

Impressive then the possibility of control offered by different driving profiles. Each of the four proposed has its own deeply characterized soul, which is perceived from the first seconds. Then when you focus on the sportier one, the difference is felt and there really is a lot to enjoy.

Clearly this also impacts on consumption and therefore thebattery life. Based also on the real-time data offered by the car, however, we can say that if driven carefully (and not with the pace variations necessary for a test drive) it can obtain results decidedly convincing.

A good car, which also remains affordable thanks to various purchase options

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CUPRA Born e-Boost it is therefore a car that generally convinced us. It could still improve on some aspects, but it is certainly a good choice for those looking for an electric model capable of offering a little fun too. Accessibility inherent in the spirit of the brand it could collide with the approximately €42,000 base price list (but excluding state incentives), but there are various solutions to this.

In fact, the brand offers some long-term financing and rental formulas. In particular we were impressed by CUPRA Flex Waydedicated to electric models. With this it is possible to enjoy the car for about a year without signing up for too onerous a commitment. Low installments and the possibility of withdrawing on expiry make this formula optimal for those who want to try the electric world first-hand, avoiding excessively onerous risks. A good way to encourage this sector which could offer a solution for the much desired sustainable mobility.

For more information on Born e-Boost and all the other CUPRA models, we invite you to visit the brand’s official website.