The sites of the Israeli government victims of a hacker attack

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According to what was revealed, some sites of the government of Israel have been victims of numerous hacker attacks. Israel’s defense establishment has stated that, at the moment, it doesn’t know who might be hiding behind what it might be the largest cyberattack ever in the country. Let’s find out all the details.

Israel: government sites victims of hacker attacks

Israel recently stated that i government websites have been affected by various hacker attacks. Luckily the services have been restored quickly. According to what has been revealed, among the main sites affected we find that of Ministry of the Interiorfrom the Defence and other. The National Cyber Directorate of Israel stated:

In the last few hours, a denial of service attack [DDoS] was identified on a communications provider who, as a result, briefly blocked access to a number of sites, including government sites. […] From now on, all sites are active again.

In DDoS, attackers flood their victims’ servers with numerous requests for data to paralyze them. The government-funded management overseeing cyber defenses said they have seen “a dramatic increase” in scala and of quality of cyberattacks in all over the world and in Israel.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz instead he stated that a source in the country’s defense establishment believes this may have been the case the largest cyber attack ever launched against the country. Israel’s Ministry of Communications said it conducted a “situation assessment with the emergency services following a widespread cyberattack on government websites.”

It is not clear who initiated this hacker attack. It is thought that it may be the work of attackers linked to Iran, given the previous attacks. At the moment, however, there is no evidence. For this reason we just have to wait for further updates from the Government of Israel.