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Honda ST125 Dax returns to the iconic mini-bike

After 41 years, the original Honda Dax is back in the range of mini-bikes available in Europe. The new Honda ST125 Dax will join the Monkey and the MSX125 Grom. Incidentally, the name Dax comes from “Dachshund”, the German dachshund which, with its characteristic short legs and long body (with a little imagination) is considered the image that best suits the Honda Dax.

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A typical unique strength of the new one ST125 Dax is the T-shaped frame in pressed sheet steel, extending from the steering head to under the seat. With the longer upper part of the frame and the short forks it reminds us of a dachshund, as the first ST50 Dax launched in 1969 was nicknamed. The height of the saddle from the ground seat is very low, only 775mm that take away all fear even from the small centaurs. Added to this is the low weight of soli 107 kilos when completely full of fuel.

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Honda ST125 Dax, dachshund style but much more in step with the times

The ST125 Dax model 2022 continues to follow the typical look of the original, but it is on the whole state of the art and therefore much more modern. The frame, which also houses the tank, is sturdy enough for a rider and passenger, and the suspension consists of a USD 31mm fork and two rear shocks. The ST125 Dax is equipped with 12-inch mini-motorcycle balloon tires with blackened die-cast aluminum rims to allow you to move easily in city traffic. The classic look is completed from the chrome handlebars, the passenger grab rail, the headlights, taillights and direction indicators in modern LED lighting technology and an attractive two-color LCD display in the dashboard.

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The 124cc single-cylinder SOHC Euro 5 approved engine is air-cooled, and offers a power of 9.4 HP and a uniform torque of 10.8 Nm. Since the engine is taken from the Super Cub C125, there is also a centrifugal clutch automatic and also the four-speed gearbox. The power of the engine allows you to reach speeds of up to 90 km / h, with good acceleration from low speeds, all that can be expected from a lively and fun motorcycle for the urban environment. Braking is ensured by hydraulically operated disc brakes at the front and rear, complete with ABS. The new ST125 Dax will be available in Pearl Nebula Red with the classic Honda wing logo and stylized dachshund image.

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