The Skyrim Anniversary Edition review: a good reason to return to Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim turns 10 and celebrates big with the launch of the Anniversary Edition and this is his review. A new version of Skyrim, the Bethesda Open World RPG which is still more alive than ever. A broad and well-developed storyline, immersive and fun gameplay mechanics and all the charm of the world of Skyrim have made it a real milestone in the world of video games.

From 11 November Skyrim returns again to talk about itself with a version that is enriched with additional extra content, let’s find out all of them.

Our review of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition

With the Anniversary Edition comes a lot of new content and technical improvements that continue to expand the already vast, vast region of Skryim. The Land of the North is now home to two new ones side quests rich in content and well developed.

The first, the biggest and most interesting, is the quest Saints & Seducer which represents the greatest creation ever inserted in the game and will allow us to make a journey to discover the bandit bands of the Saints and the Seducers that will lead us to the Isole Shivering, the reign of Sheogorath. Here you will discover a new Dungeon containing many threats but also important treasures including new types of armor inspired by the previous chapters of The Elder Scrolls, Oblivion e Morrowind. There is also no shortage of new enemies, animals and ingredients with which to give rise to new poisons and potions, all to be discovered. It is also linked to this theme Rare Curious. This creation adds a large amount of new items, most of which can only be obtained from carovane Khajiit. As the title suggests, these items are quite rare and difficult to obtain, as traders will only have a limited selection of items available at any given time.

Among the novelties there is also the survival mode that will make you experience the difficulties of the land of Skyrim on your skin. Our Dovah will suffer from the cold, the exhaustion and the fame and we will have to take this into account to get the better of it out there. But getting food will be easier thanks to the new one possibility to go fishing. In fact, by fishing we will be able to get further 20 new aquatic species to eat, display as trophies or keep in our personal aquarium.

It is always good and right to return to Skyrim

As lovers of Skyrim and the whole Elder Scrolls saga, we can only love this new edition. The innovations introduced make it even more alive Skyrim and despite its years, the game still manages to defend itself very well. the new quests have been created in previous years, but they have been incorporated in the best way in this official version and it is not difficult to understand why. The extra contents are many and masterfully created, with the same attention as the missions of the base game. The survival mode, the first prerogative of Difficult Difficulty (from the definitive Edition onwards) is now available on any difficulty and introduces new engaging mechanics.

Among the beauties of this version, the one that perhaps left us most unsatisfied is the Fishing “mode”. It is actually a simple habit that allows us to catch new fish as long as you have a fishing rod in your inventory. However, it is not possible to fish everywhere but in predefined places from baskets and other fishing material, which greatly limits the immersive experience. It must be said, however, that other novelties derive from fishing such as new types of fish, the possibility of displaying them in your home or keeping them in the new decorative aquariums. A fun little plus in Skyrim.

Update to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary version

Update to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary version

Bethesda Game Studios

19,99 €

The Skyrim Anniversary Edition review at a glance

Skyrim Anniversary Edition review

The truth is that the Anniversary Edition is another good excuse to return to Skyrim and start the XXth run of The Elder Scrolls V.

In case you own the Special Edition, the anniversary edition will be available for only € 19.99. Otherwise, you can buy this version for € 49.99 and have the best version of Skyrim ever released in one fell swoop.

Hands to arms, sons of Talos, because Skyrim still needs you!