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The splendor of BSH appliances

In the context of IFA 2022which ended a few days ago, BS showed the wonderful appliances of all its product lines to the public. Equipped with smart technologies, the brand showed Bosch, Siemens, Home Connect and also the new brand BSH Solitaire. Let’s find out all the details together.

The splendor of BSH appliances: Bosch, Siemens, Home Connect and BSH Solitaire

The smart kitchen is, as always, at the center of the BSH brand presentations. Cooking, baking and frying become a new experience: simple, comfortable, sustainable and, above all, absolutely suited to the personal needs and expectations of the consumer.

BSH provides the connectivity for all its latest appliances. This is an important first step for an optimal and intelligent use of the same, which can now be integrated into theecosistema Home Connect and then communicate with each other.

You can now use your appliances in the traditional way via display touch e commandsor make them interact with the oven, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher or cooker hood via the app Home Connect.

Added to this are innovations such as the oven which, thanks to artificial intelligence, responds to the needs of the user with the remote control. The new Smart Kitchen Dock is a special console that allows you to manage household appliances through a display intelligente by voice command.

The smart appliances ed efficient from an energy point of view, they favor a more sustainable lifestyle. This represents a relevant purchase decision criterion for consumers, especially in an era in which i energy costs rise not resources are scarce. The new washing machines Premiumfor example, contribute to minimize energy and water consumptionbut also the amount of detergent needed for each wash.

All this is made possible by highly efficient water management and the innovative function of i-DOS automatic dosing with detergent recognition, which further improves the maximum energy efficiency class A by 20%.

The new range of Premium ovens: created on the wishes of consumers

Siemens oven tech princess

The new oven series was developed based 100% on consumer feedback. The fully automatic functions simplify the cooking program, thus meeting the needs of intelligent solutions in the kitchen.

The iQ700 range from Siemens offers for the first time a cooking method that uses artificial intelligence. The combination of sensor technologyuser feedback and intelligent algorithms ensure that cooking results are optimally adapted to individual preferences.

For example, there is a dedicated sensor that guarantees exactly the desired degree of browning for pizza, lasagne, croissant. The cooking process is constantly monitored by a camera. Once the desired level of browning is reached, the oven turns off automatically.

Furthermore the function of cooking assistant has been updated in the Home Connect app. This allows users to use more specific programs for the dishes, in addition to standard heating modethus ensuring incredible results.

Siemens is not the only one to offer novelties and unprecedented features because also the range of Bosch Series 8 premium ovens updates. The function AirFry integrated and a special tray allow you to fat-free hot air frying, tasty but also healthier dishes. Even the new one steam cooking function contributes to a healthier diet.

The design is also updated with new ones display touch TFTsimilar to those of smartphones, which guarantee simple and intuitive operation.

The new brand BSH Solitaire

The BSH brands feature many other innovations, including the new combined refrigerator No Frost which offers many intelligent solutions such as the “Recipes based on pantry” function, thanks to which consumers can discover new recipes in the Home Connect app based on ingredients present in the refrigerator.

The bartenderMode of the new Siemens super-automatic coffee machine EQ900on the other hand, it allows coffee lovers to perfectly set all parameters such as the amount of water e you coffeeil degree of grindingthe brewing temperature and the temperature / quantity of milk individually via the Home Connect app.

Finally, the new concept Solitaire Waterbase by BSH is the answer to the transformation of the kitchen environment. The Waterbase system fits perfectly into the design of the house, revolutionizing the concept of the sink. With Hydronic Select allows, depending on the model, to select six types of tap water: water at room temperature, cold, slightly sparkling and sparkling, water at about 80 ° C and boiling water at about 100 ° C.

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