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The Starlink connection now also follows you on the campsite

Starlink satellite pre-orders

The internet service of Starlink also becomes available on the go: with the function Portability, you can take your satellite dish on a camping trip. By adding a cost of 25 dollars a month, you can get a quick connection even outside the city.

Starlink Portability allows you to bring the connection even when camping

The new Portability feature of the service internet di SpaceX Starlink allows you to have an internet connection anywhere (as long as you can power it). In fact, the satellite internet could be convenient in the areas not covered by 5G or other mobile networkas often happens in sparsely populated areas.

So you can take your Starlink antenna with you. At the moment you will not be able to use the connection while you are drivingalthough the company has announced that it is working to make this convenience even more possible.

Credit: David Reads his Twitter

To power the dish you can use the 12V charger of your vehicle or other power supply. However, keep in mind that Starlink requires approx 60-70W of power (albeit down from last year’s 80-100W). So perhaps it would be useful to use it only in some moments of your trip out of town.

The Starlink support page also warns that you may have worse service in other areas for the network congestion (but it will depend on how many other campers have the same idea as you).

The service costs 25 dollars more every month, adding to the already expensive cost of $ 110 a month. But it remains a viable option for when you move. Although it is not recommended for those who choose camping to detoxify a little from the technology.

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