The state of Influencer Marketing, the Buzzoole report

L’Influencer Marketing erode sempre più budget ai media tradizionali. Il report di Buzzoole thumbnail

Buzzoole has published the new report, The state of Influencer Marketingfrom which they emerge some trends that are characterizing the sector. According to the data that emerged from the Buzzole report, in fact, the Influencer Marketing market is growing strongly with investments estimated in 2021 of 272 million euros in Italy. This is a + growth12% compared to 2020 data.

Buzzoole publishes the new report, The state of Influencer Marketing

According to what is highlighted by the report The status of Influencer MarketingOver the last few years, the weight of IM has become increasingly significant, eroding increasingly important budgets at the expense of other media. According to the data, in fact, Influencer Marketing has reached peaks of 50% of spending in communication.

The report in question also analyzes how companies are implementing new nurturing programs to retain influencers, making them become brand lovers. For companies, an increasingly strategic approach is highlighted in the relationship with creators. This approach is also omnichannel. The report therefore offers a complete overview of the influencer marketing sector, guaranteeing users the possibility of obtaining additional information on a rapidly growing sector.

Gianluca Perrelli, CEO of Buzzoole, stated: “The role of influencer Marketing has changed: it is a lever used for all phases of the communication funnel and in the media mix it erodes increasingly important budgets, also thanks to greater convenience and the ability to reach audiences difficult to intercept through traditional media such as TV. The figure of the influencer has also evolved and at the same time the approach of the brands that will increasingly invest in direct relationships with influencers to build loyalty and transform them into brand lover “.

For more details on the report, you can consult the Buzzoole website.