The Super Mario Bros movie is coming out.

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An entire generation, but even more than one, at the word plumber doesn’t think of taps, but thinks of him. We could even go so far as to define him as the most famous Italian in the world of video games. Of course we are talking about Super Marioan iconic character who is about to pass from Nintendo consoles to the big screen, with a dedicated film.

Long before arriving in the West, Super Mario conquered Eastern fans. The first game was in fact released in Japan, on September 13, 1985, on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), also known as the Famicom. The very first Super Mario Bros. it had a side-scrolling setting, allowing you to run, jump, and explore the Mushroom Kingdom. Scrolling proceeded from right to left, and the player could pass through a dense network of green pipes (some of us still dream of them at night). The reason? Easiest in the world: save the princess from the castle.

What do we know about the Super Mario Bros.

Today, 38 years later and after countless video games, Super Mario arrives at the cinema with a dedicated film. Over the years, in fact, many secondary characters have joined the hopping plumber, even managing to conquer entire video games dedicated to them. How to forget Luigi? And then the princess Peach with his umbrella a Toad and its dioramas. And again the baby dinosaur Yoshi and Mario’s nemesis: Wario. There are also countless adventures and ideas that have accompanied generations of gamers and inspired the new film in arrives in theaters on April 5th.

Furthermore, to better prepare for the upcoming cinematic experience, Nintendo Switch allows you to play some of the titles of Super Mario more dated thanks to the digital library present in the package Nintendo Switch Online. This also includes an extensive catalog of classics for Nintendo 64 and for Game Boy Advance.