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Pole to Pole, the journey of the Nissan Ariya from the North Pole to the South Pole, starts today

It took off today from the heart of the arctic glaciers Pole to Pole shippingthe extraordinary journey of adventurers Chris e Julie Ramsey that aboard Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE will travel more than 27,000 km from the North Pole to the South Pole. After a comprehensive safety assessment, the team departed from the 1823 North Magnetic Pole.

Pole to Pole, the Nissan Ariya journey from one end of the Pole to the other

Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE is the first 100% electric car to embark on this adventure. A journey that will last 10 months across the entire American continent, arriving in Antarctica in December.

The goal of the expedition is to demonstrate the potential of electric vehicles and how exciting it is to drive them. In order to facilitate its rapid diffusion and help to combat the climate crisis.

How was the car prepared

To allow the Nissan Ariya to tackle glaciers, mountain passes, dunes in the desert, braving temperatures between -30⁰C and 30⁰C, it was reinforced the external part with suspensions. Specially developed for off-road driving and the wheel arches have been adapted to accommodate 39” BF Goodrich tyres.

The modifications made by Nissan’s technical team were done with the support of Arctic Trucks. This is a company that specializes in outfitting polar expedition vehicles that have kept modifications to a minimum.

The battery is standard, as is the dual motor configuration, one on each axle. It has one all-wheel drive e-4ORCEthe 4WD system developed by Nissan specifically for electrified powertrains.

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To recharge the battery in the polar regions, characterized by strong winds and many hours of light, the team will use an innovative renewable energy. It is a towable prototype that includes an extendable wind turbine and solar panels. The hope is that this charging innovation will have a positive legacy, inspiring the switch to electric vehicles for future polar exploration.

“Over the past 10 years, Julie and I have embarked on various adventures aboard electric vehicles, but Pole to Pole is certainly our biggest challenge. Our expedition Ariya is fun to drive and handled well during the 5,000km journey to get to the expedition’s starting point. This gives us the certainty that we can tackle every scenario and driving condition in the coming months,” commented Chris Ramsey.

Julie added: “With this expedition aboard the Nissan Ariya, we will shine a light on bold initiatives to fight climate change and fascinating communities harnessing renewable energy. We would like everyone to be a part of Pole to Pole; therefore, we invite you to follow and participate in the adventure on our social channels.”

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