The Super Mario Bros Movie trailer shows you the animated film

Ecco il primo trailer di The Super Mario Bros Movie thumbnail

Through a Nintendo DirectNintendo showed the first trailer of The Super Mario Bros Movie. As the title suggests, this is the first animated film dedicated to Super Mario, the icon of video games and of Nintendo. the film is shown for the first time after 7 years of work from the drafting of the first screenplay, here is the trailer below.

The Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer

The film tells an original story set in the colorful world of super Mario where Bowser, the King of the Koopas at war with the kingdom of the penguins in search of the power of the stars. To stop him will obviously have to think about it, our beloved Super Mario ended up in the kingdom of mushrooms where he will meet the characters of the saga including Toad. In the final frame of the trailer we also discover the presence of Luigi but no other characters appear at the moment.

During the presentation of the video he also spoke Chris Prattthe American actor who in the film will lend his voice to the protagonist, Super Mario. Chris Pratt he told of his passion for the character and for video games in general and some honor and challenge it was to dub Mario himself. The character of Bowser, Mario’s archenemy, will instead be played by Jack Black.

The Super Mario Bros Movie released

The Super Mario Bros Movie is made by Nintendo in collaboration with Universal Pictures e Illuminations e will be available in cinemas around the world in spring 2023.