Tier mobility is not only appealing to young people, it also conquers Google

La mobilità di TIER piace non solo ai giovani e conquista anche Google thumbnail

We are witnessing the mobility revolution that also includes “micro-mobility”, the pun is to introduce the mission of TIER, one of the European leaders in the sharing sector. We had a chat with Saverio Galardi, General manager for Italy of TIER the range of electric vehicles such as scooters, e-bikes and mopeds, all powered by an innovative and own energy network. In Italy, the expansion currently involves Palermo, Bari, Trento, Rome, Milan, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Monza, Turin and Parma. In any case, the growth plan foresees other stages.

Our interview with Saverio Galardi, TIER General Manager for Italy

Has the Italian market managed to integrate with the idea of ​​sharing scooter?

“If a few years ago electric scooters were semi-unknown vehicles in Italy, today they are an established reality. In our opinion, in fact, the Italian market has therefore managed to integrate with the idea of ​​sharing scooters, above all thanks to the synergy between companies, the Italian state and municipalities that have set very clear rules regarding the circulation of scooters and electric bicycles. However, much progress is still to be made. For us, the safety of road users is fundamental, therefore, in addition to in-app tutorials and safety communication in the TIER app, we also invest in safety events to educate and inform our users on the safe driving of electric vehicles “.

What are the Italian cities where sharing is successful?

“TIER arrived in Italy, in Rome to be exact, in December 2021 with a fleet of 1,000 electric scooters and 1,800 e-bikes. To date, there are about 7,000 electric vehicles operating throughout Italy, including scooters and e-bikes. The 10 cities in which we are operating are Turin, Milan, Rome, Parma, Monza, Palermo, Bari, Reggio Emilia, Trento, Modena, and the climate found in all cities is more than positive. The key to guaranteeing a high quality of service has always been close collaboration with local administrations. TIER invests in its own means to make them more and more comfortable and safe and provides the Municipalities with data on an ongoing basis regarding the areas of greatest use and the most frequently traveled routes ”.

Why is sharing mobility so important?

“Sharing mobility allows more people to share a rental vehicle to make journeys without opting for a private vehicle, be it a car or a moped. Assuming that TIER’s leitmotif is to embrace sustainability, study and constantly update its models, looking at innovation and cutting-edge solutions, I believe that adopting a sharing micromobility approach for short-term urban travel. medium range contributes to inevitably shape the urban fabric of the main Italian cities, making them more sustainable and aiming for a future with zero emissions and less traffic. The introduction of micro-mobility in cities is essential to bring added value to the territory and enhance urban mobility. Thanks to the collaboration between companies and administrations, the cities where electric sharing vehicles are already present have transformed their urban transport system, becoming safer and more ecological “.

Can you explain to us what TIER’s mission is and why choose to rent its scooters?

“Our claim is“ Change mobility for Good ”which in Italian translates as“ Change mobility once and for all ”. With this phrase, TIER wants to convey its mission, which is to radically improve urban mobility, providing users with a range of electric vehicles such as scooters and bicycles. TIER’s ultimate goal, therefore, is to help cities reduce their dependence on cars. TIER also stands out for its attention to the environment. In fact, as early as 2020, we have achieved the goal of becoming a “climate neutral” company: this means that our activities have no negative impact on climate change “.

What are TIER’s new future horizons?

“Surely, we aim to reaffirm our presence in the cities where we are already present with our shared vehicles. It is essential for us to provide a multimodal service that allows anyone to use the closest sharing vehicle they prefer by introducing e-bikes to our fleets. We want to contribute to the decongestion of traffic in cities and provide users with an ecological alternative to the car for urban travel. Furthermore, in future plans there is a desire to expand: we would like to reach all the other Italian cities that demonstrate their desire to support and promote sustainable micro-mobility for their citizens ”.

Will new products be introduced?

“At the moment, our priority is to affirm the inclusion of electric bikes and scooters within the Italian market. Having a multimodal service within cities, in fact, would allow more people to reach their destination in a smart and safe way while respecting the environment. Another great goal of TIER is to fully satisfy the needs of all citizens and to make this possible we are continuing to monitor the new technological trends in the field of electric vehicles for urban mobility. In addition, to ensure road safety, we are testing a new assistive technology based on a visual computer display capable of detecting traffic offenses. Drivers who violate the rules and regulations will be warned and may be fined or banned from driving ”.

What is the typical user who chooses and uses TIER products?

“We are making great efforts to be able to reach, as much as possible, all types of users who need to move around the city quickly and sustainably. However, we have a prevalence of use of our vehicles by a male public, over 30 years of age, who use our vehicles mainly for work and leisure trips “.

Helmet yes, helmet no, keep fighting. Will it be necessary to drive a scooter?

“Currently, the national legislation approved in November 2021 does not provide for the obligation to wear a helmet for adult users driving scooters. However, some cities have imposed it locally, such as Genoa. We believe that the helmet is an important personal protection device for which we always encourage its use and we offer it on about half of our fleet thanks to a box that contains a foldable one. Now it is difficult to say what will happen to the national legislation after the elections on 25 September ”.