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The Super Mario movie inspires an exclusive edition of Monopoly

Monopoly Gamer returns to the world of video games on the occasion of the release of the highly anticipated film Super Mario Bros., the movie, which within weeks of its release has already broken all box office records. In this new version of the Monopoly, Mario he will have to ally himself with his historical friends – from his brother Luigi at the Princess Peach – to defeat the super villain Bowser, who will try in every way to create chaos within the game. Thanks to new game mechanics, including the tube boxesthe matches will be more exciting and fun, halfway between a board game and a video game.

Monopoly dedicated to the Super Mario film: how the historic board game has been adapted to the most awaited film

In the exclusive Monopoly Super Mario Bros. the moviein fact, the board turns into the Mushroom Kingdom. The property cards become the landscapes seen in the film. The goal of the game is to collect as many coins possible, exchanging and negotiating as much as I can. There Bowser’s pawn it’s a whole new pitfall and moves around the board with the players.

Each time Bowser passes over a property, it is converted in Game Over mode: if he manages to convert all properties, the game is over. To avoid this, players will have to pay the Continue mode cost in order to collect rent. Also, if players end up on the same tile as Bowser, they’ll have to face him and try to win or end up in jail.

To give even more rhythm and dynamism to the game teleport tube box. Anyone who lands on it will have the opportunity to transport to another area of ​​the board. Of course, the new pawns recall the protagonists of the film. From the smell al barreldal hat by Mario alla corona of Peach, passing through the pan of the faithful Toad and the torch of Luigi. Anyone, from the oldest to the smallest, will be able to identify with his favorite character.

Monopoly Super Mario game board

Where to buy it

Two giants of entertainmentwhich have been entertaining for decades millions and millions of people all over the world, have united once again two timeless pop icons in a single and inimitable game: il Monopoly Super Mario Bros. the movie. Now all you have to do is choose your favorite character, face Bowser and embark on a world of branded entertainment Hasbro e Nintendo. Board game enthusiasts and video game lovers are already rubbing their hands, the presale on Amazon it just started.

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