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Trust celebrates sustainability and Earth Day

Trusta leading company in the lifestyle tech and gaming sector, has accepted the challenge of doing its part for a future made of sustainabilitythus celebrating the Earth Day.

Sustainability for Trusts

Among the mission of the brand stands out that of eliminate, reduce e to recycle, certifying, that is, to pursue objectives that are at the basis of the initiative Clevergreen.

Trust also joined the One Green Label Digital and recounted his findings through theImpact Report of 2022. He also inaugurated the year by winning the gold medal EcoVadisor rather a very important prize, which rewards the company in its own right be in the top 5% of sustainable companies in the sector.

Yet Trust is aware of how necessary it is to educate not only itself about sustainability, but also the consumer.

For this reason, the company has thought of some useful advice:

  • Make the right choice by buying sustainable products such as mice, keyboards, kits and peripherals for gamers. For example, Trust’s Clevergreen sustainable line could be a great eco-friendly product to focus on, all without breaking the bank.
  • Use apps that they can calculate their footprint on the planet. For example, GoGreen is an application that can calculate the route and suggest which means to use to have less impact.
  • Print only if absolutely necessary and when you can’t do without it, but be careful: it’s important to use recycled paper and print on both sides of the sheet.
  • Abandon energy-saving devicesturning off the PC and all the devices that have been used.
  • A plant for the planet: aCertain plants purify the air inside the home and/or office, regulate the level of humidity and absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis which returns oxygen directly. Among the best, Aloe, Sanseveria and Ficus stand out.
  • More sustainable products from Trust

    Beyond the initiative Clevergreenit might be useful to recall the latest sustainable product news: Lyraavailable in both keyboard format and set with the addition of the mouse, and the super silent set Trezoboth made for 85% recycled plastic.

    Among the wide range of mice we find YVI Bayo e Fyda products for 83% recycled plastic.

    For floor mats with a green soul, the mat Hide with natural materials, the bag Bologna for 16 inch laptop, the bag Sydney for 14-inch laptops and the versatile Atlanta adaptable up to 15.6-inch PCs, they are produced by recycling up to 11 bottles.

    To name other products, we have Exto, a cooling stand for laptops up to 16 inches, e Primo, the folio case for 10 inch tablet available in green and black color, made with 6.5 PET bottles.

    And finally, for gamers, last year the company presented headphones Friend, made for 85% recycled plastic.

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