The Swedish Cake starts the production of the enduro Bukk

Cake Bukk, al via la produzione dell'enduro elettrica svedese thumbnail

L’Bukk electric enduroby the Swedish manufacturer Cake stands for enter in production. The success of having only presented it is now materializing in reality. Appreciated for its lightness, versatility and the possibility of personalizing it. Here is the electric enduro Bow definitively becomes part of the Cake range.

Mass production has started, from July we can choose Cake Buck in due versionswith a new engine and the Swedish quality promised by Cake.

Cake Bukk, what has changed in the last six months

The market welcomes Cake Buck six month ago. L’enduro strikes the experts to be uA Scandinavian electric motorcycle with unique performance. fromlimited edition at the production the time, given the industry, the lack of components, is record. The first deliveries are for the month of July and Bukk enters Cake’s product range. Lightweight, innovative Bukk has all the elements sought in an off-road motorcycle.

Cake Bukk, production of Swedish electric enduro kicks off, site source

Cake Bukk, starting production with two versions

On the ancient island of Gotland, Bow means thunder cloud. Cake chooses the perfect name for its electric enduro with the minimalist lines typical of the manufacturer. Something, looking closely, reminds us of the top-of-the-range model Calciumbut Bukk is another story.

It hasn’t changed much from the first Bukk version. The engine is new and developed directly by Cake. The engine that goes by the name of jante it’s at permanent magnets. It is air-cooled, with a double bearing shaft for greater efficiency. We add that it is inserted into a aircraft grade aluminum housinglight and at the same time resistant to external agents.

jante is able to develop up to a maximum of 16 kW peak powerwith a pair of almost 500 Nm to the wheel, with excellent acceleration. The Bukk engine reaches up to touch the up to 90 km/h. These features are reserved for the version Power Light.

Cake on the market gives the possibility to choose the sister Super Light. This version has less demanding numbers and is designed for A1 licenses. Peak power drops to 13 kW (8.5 nominal), the torque at 366 Nm and the speed at 80 km/h.

Cake Bukk, production of Swedish electric enduro kicks off, site sourceCake Bukk, production of Swedish electric enduro kicks off, site source

Cake Bukk, the off-road electric enduro you don’t expect

The electric enduro Bow mount a battery pack from 72V – 40Ahwith the ability to 2,9 kWh, rechargeable on board. This is removable for home refills (0-80% in less than 2 hours). The battery is lithium ion. The manufacturer declares its autonomy of up to 3 hours of off-road driving and 70 km on the road.
Not only that, Cake Bukk is also expected to run on paved roads in the version dual-sport.

Thanks to its versatility Cake makes Bowthe enduro for all occasions, with the help of customization according to use. The chassis, for example, can be configured during the purchase. As well as the suspensionsfor which different kits are available as options Öhlins, WP, RacingBros e Formula.
The Formula braking system and the wheels (19“in front of, 18″ behind).

Cake Bukk, the enduro that “GenZ” likes

Cake flies high and aims at lightness and reliability. La enduro offroad Bow has a aluminum frame forged and made in house. On the balance count a weight is 89 kgbut 20 are drums.

Cake Bukk, production of Swedish electric enduro kicks off, site sourceCake Bukk, production of Swedish electric enduro kicks off, site source

The electric motorcycle counts on Three driving modeeven these completely configurable by the pilot, using theApp Cake Connect.
The connectivity advanced is generally used to access other optional customizations at an additional cost (power, brake sensitivity, traction control) and updates, but also as remote vehicle support.

Cake Bukk, where to buy it and how much it costs

Finally, now we can talk about costs and where to buy it. Of serve 10.270 euro for the Buck Super Light e 11.070 euro for the Bukk Power Light.

Let’s specify: the various optional configurations (including the kit to transform the off-road bike into ‘street legal’) obviously lead to higher costs.

To order the Bukk enduro just google the dedicated site, it is available in two shades of colour.