The tado ° app will monitor the energy cost in real time

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During the 2021 event of the Smart Home League, many great and important promoters of the smart home presented their future innovations. Among these we find tado °, company famous for its intelligent air conditioning products, which spoke of a major new feature coming to your app.

The tado ° app will allow you to monitor your energy consumption and costs

Tado ° announced the first step towards the development of a new software to provide its customers with the control of their energy consumption. The new spending forecast feature allows tado ° users, with a Auto-Assist subscription, from track and control home heating costs.

Expenditure forecasts allow you to create a tangible link between your energy habits and the real cost of energy. This is possible through two main activities: linking the tado ° app settings to the analog or smart meter, and with the help of intelligent real-time algorithms. This way, customers will never have to worry about annual heating costs again, because they will be constantly updated and know what to expect.

In addition to the supervision of consumption, the software of the new app will help customers with possible savings and tips to efficiently reduce energy costs. This will help not only save money, but also reduce a home’s carbon footprint, which has never been more important.

“The price of gas and electricity has reached the highest levels ever for most of Europe and people will notice this winter” he explains Christian Deilmann, co-founder and CPO of tado °. “With connectivity, cloud and data science it is now possible to make informed decisions about the amount of household expenses. People today turn their heat on and off without knowing what this means for their annual bill. With the forecast of expenses, trying to guess your energy bill will belong to the past. “

The new features within the tado ° app will arrive really shortly. The first version of the new features, in fact, is available today for select user groups across Europe. Other releases will follow with continuous updates in the winter season.

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