The RPG Bravely Default II lands on Steam

Il GDR Bravely Default II sbarca su Steam thumbnail

Square Enix announced that the role-playing game Bravely Default II is now available on PC, via the Steam digital store. Those who purchase the title by September 13, 2021 will enjoy a 10% discount on the share price.

The GDR has already been released for Nintendo Switch, and tells the adventures of 4 unlikely heroes: Seth, Elvis, Adelle and Gloria. The group aims to search for four elemental crystals, scattered across the lands of Excillant. The game offers a turn-based combat system, in which risk-prone users can earn great rewards.

The features of Bravely Default II, now on Steam

The Job System It also helps players build teams in the best possible way to take on dangerous bosses. Considering the role and strategic elements of the game, this is an important feature. In this way it will be possible to play balanced and satisfying games.

The title can boast the sound accompaniment of the music by Revo, already present in the first chapter. Bravely Default II combines exploration, strategy it’s a fantasy worldy to entertain users. Square Enix is ​​certainly a master at creating fantasy worlds in which to immerse fans, having given birth over the years to real pop culture cult.

The game was classified PEGI 12, and is available in a large variety of languages. Audio is in both English and Japanese, while lyrics are translated into English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

To find out more details on the video game and stay up to date, just connect to the official website of the developers. If you are interested in purchasing Bravely Default II, we remind you that by purchasing it by September 13th you will save 10%. The Steam version is compatible with different controllers and resolutions.

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