The Tennis Manager 2021 review: still remains a duckling

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In an era in which directing is perhaps better than doing, a new managerial title. Tennis Manager 2021 is the first title of its kind dedicated to this fantastic sport and we will tell you the details in ours review. The game made its first real mobile debut, in 2019, with an almost unexpected success. It was a great game to pass the time, with a good structure, easy to guess for tennis lovers. Its mobile side was a hit, yet, his debut on PC was not on the same level. The premises were excellent, but the actions taken until its debut were less concrete. Let’s go, therefore, to find out in detail.

Tennis Manager 2021 review: an extra touch was needed

Tennis Manager 2021 starts with excellent conditions, but does not materialize in the best way, why? We tell you about it in the course of the review. From a content point of view, in reality, the title is really well structured and complete. We have a huge possibility of customization, as well as the ability to take care of every detail. There are many details, some very specific that will appeal to the many fans of this sport. For newbies, however, there may be some difficulties, but don’t be afraid: the tutorials will help you on your way. Once we have selected our character, manager or athlete, we will have access to the various features for his training. We will be able to decide the strengths and what we want to teach, nothing more complete.

Tennis Manager 2021 review

Unfortunately, however, all this attention to detail is not perfectly reflected on the gameplay which remains, perhaps, a bit superficial from some points of view. One of the features not too deep is the participation in tournaments. In fact, right from the start, our athletes will be able to participate in the most prestigious thrones, not exactly following reality. Let’s say that, to be a manager, it is certainly not a negligible detail.

In any case, successfully completing a qualification is by no means easy. What makes this step more complex is a not excellent porting from the mobile version to the PC version. If in the first case it was a script to meet us, now we have to do everything independently. For this, it will take some time before you can find the right combination.

Maybe we still needed a few months of Early Access

Although the game has been in Early Access for quite some time, analyzing it in detail, we are not sure that it has been enough time. Tennis Manager 2021 is not yet ready for its final release; is still suffering from some problems, in detail of a technical level and, a few more months in Early Access, it would have helped. The idea we got during the Tennis Manager 2021’s review is that it has been a bit abandoned to himself.

During the matches, in fact, there are many technical errors which, from time to time, are a bit unnerving. We also stayed unsatisfied with the translation Italian that does not seem to be really excellent. In short, on some occasions it seems to have been translated incorrectly.

Let’s say that, summing up, the game could have given us a lot more if the developers had spent their energy taking care of a few extra details. A pity given the success of the mobile game and given the great premises. We do not doubt that, however, following some suggestions from the community, several improvements may be introduced over time.

Tennis Manager 2021

Tennis Manager 2021

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