The test of the ASUS ROG Moonlight White set: not just gaming

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It will seem obvious but gamers are not all the same.
20 years ago they were – or perhaps it would be better to say “we came” – painted as pimply boys who sat in their rooms with a PC or a console in their hands, unable to have a satisfying social life and to establish relationships with other human beings. Gamers were nerds, almost by definition, and “nerd” wasn’t a term with a positive connotation.
Today everything has changed.
The world of video games has grown out of all proportion. Not only for the volume and quality of the products but above all in terms of the public. In 2022, there are millions of video game fans, belonging to both genres, to different age groups and to different professions.
An evolution that ASUS he followed with constancy, demonstrating a unique attention to the needs and tastes of gamers.
To testify is the series ASUS ROG Moonlight Whitea range of devices featuring a sober and delicate aesthetic. However, this does not mean that the Taiwanese giant has given up on performance. On the contrary, all the products of the ROG Moonlight White family have proved to be valid allies even in the face of the most demanding shooters as well as during long work and writing sessions.
However, we don’t want to take you straight to conclusions without telling you how the peripherals behaved once connected to our PC, so let’s go in order and find out what the ROG Moonlight White series has to offer.

The peripherals of the ASUS ROG Moonlight White series

Our ASUS ROG Moonlight White peripheral set is composed as follows:

  • Tastiera ROG Strix Scope NX TKL
  • Mouse ROG Strix Impact II
  • Cuffie gaming ROG Strix Go Core
  • ROG Cetra II Core gaming headset

The ROG Moonlight White series, however, does not end here. In reality, the ROG Zephyrus G14 and G15 gaming laptops, the ROG Strix XG16AHP-W and XG16AHPE-W monitors and a large series of components dedicated to the assembled Desktop PC landscape can also perfectly coordinate with the products of this series.

In short, if you want you could really give life to an entire Moonlight White theme station, including the assembled PC.

La tastiera ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White

ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White 1

The ROG Strix Scope NX TKL it’s a tastiera meccanica tenkeyless. This means that the absence of the numeric keypad allows you to place on the desk a more compact productwhich is suitable both for those who need to take up as little space as possible and for those who prefer a more minimal play or work environment.

The form factor, however, is not the first element that will probably catch your eye. To amaze is first of all the design, because the ROG Strix Scope TKL Moonlight White comes with an aluminum base, characterized by an unusual but very elegant brushed finish. The illAura RGB lightingadjustable thanks to the software Armoury Crate which, among other things, uses the Aura Sync system to replicate the same lighting effect on all ASUS products in your possession.

I white and gray keys hide one of the strengths of this keyboard: gli switch ROG NX Red. These are, as the name suggests, switches developed directly by ASUS, with an activation point of 1.8 mm and an initial force of 40g which prevents accidental key presses.
We have experimented with them both during long writing sessions and playing Apex Legends, League of Legends and Rainbow Six Extraction. In all these situations, the ROG Strix Scope NX TKL performed very well, with fast and accurate feedback; not to forget then the extreme comfort of the keys which makes this keyboard also perfect for writing texts. In short, perfect for both play and work.

ROG Strix Scope NX TKL Moonlight White tastiera 1

We then point out two further aspects that we particularly appreciated about this product. The first is definitely the braided cable that can be disconnected; in fact, it is not physically connected to the central body but you have to connect it manually via the USB-C input that you find on the back of the keyboard. This solution offers better cable management on your desk and allows you to carry the ROG Strix Scope TKL with great ease.

The second element, on the other hand, is a small gem. In fact, the F12 key allows you to immediately minimize any window present on your monitor at that time. Unusual but effective if you want to make something disappear on the fly from your computer.

ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Moonlight White is for sale in 159,99 €, a balanced price that allows you to take home a high-performance and elegant product with which to really do everything.

Il mouse ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight White

ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight White 1

59,99 € instead is the cost of ASUS ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight Whiteand mouse ambidestro which re-proposes the double white / gray color seen on the keyboard.

ROG Strix Impact II shows up with the lateral surfaces furrowed by an oblique 3D textureso as to increase grip, e a series of LEDs which enhances the ROG logo, the scroll wheel and even the front of the mouse. Also in this Armory Crate helps you customize the RGB lighting, with Aura Sync that allows you to create an effect that involves all ASUS components and peripherals.

But how does this mouse behave in the field?
First of all we are faced with a product equipped with a four-level 6,200 DPI optical sensor, levels that you can easily select by pressing the button found on the bottom surface of the mouse and that can be set using the ASUS software. The latter also allows you to define the polling frequency (125 to 1000 Hz)to set the response times and to customize the five keys available, so as to adapt the ROG Strix Impact II to your needs.

mouse ROG Strix Impact II Moonlight White 1

All this, together with the low weight (only 79 grams), allows the mouse to be extremely responsive in the fieldnot only in everyday life but above all in-game, with FPS and MOBAs that require speed and fluidity.

The buttons are well positioned, which allows you to find them on the fly in the most excited gaming sessions and not to tire your hand and wrist during use.

We suggest you combine this mouse with a suitable pad in order to maximize the yield. We have been able to associate it with the ROG Sheath Blackand mouse pad extra-large that works great with all types of mice. Among other things, the generous dimensions allow it to also accommodate the keyboard while the black color makes the products of the Moonlight White series stand out very well.

Le cuffie ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White

ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White 1

We could start talking about the ROG Strix Go Core explaining the audio performance, the sober charm of the Moonlight White coloring and the excellent performance of the microphone but in reality the first adjective we associate with these gaming headphones is “comfortable“. Yes because ASUS has undoubtedly done a huge job in terms of design, with the headband that is soft and light and the leather-like earpads – rotatable by 90 ° – that do not bother even after several hours of use. All in a body that is solid and free of crunches.
Using them is really a pleasure. And to take away almost a pity.

Aesthetics and comfort, however, are not everything. After all, headphones must ensure good sound reproduction. Here, too, ASUS spared no effort. Sure, they’re certainly not audiophile headphones but ASUS Essence 40mm Neodymium Driversjoined to hermetic chamber designthey give you a good listening experience, with a clean sound, important bass and a potentially very high volume, adjustable thanks to the small ring that you find on the left pavilion. There is no distortion of the sound and plus you have a decent level of isolation that allows you to concentrate on what you are doing without completely losing touch with the environment.

cuffie ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White 1

The microphone also behaves greatwhich boasts certifications for Discord and TeamSpeak and manages to capture the voice without difficultyallowing you to seamlessly converse with teammates or hold any online meeting.
We also point out that the microphone is removable, with the headband that is decidedly malleable to allow you to position it in the best possible way.
Finally, on the left pavilion we find a small button to instantly change the microphone if you need it.

Headphones ROG Strix Go Core Moonlight White are for sale in 99,99 €. Is it worth it? Well, actually, yes. With about 100 euros you can take home a comfortable product, with good audio quality, a microphone that performs perfectly in every scenario of use, a design suitable for every occasion and – let’s not forget – the 3.5 mm jack cable which allows them to work on PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

The ROG Cetra II Core Moonlight White earphones

ROG Cetra II Core Moonlight White

If over-ear headphones aren’t your thing, no problem: earphones ROG Cetra II Core will be the perfect choice for those looking for a minimal solution, with un design in-ear but always equipped with a 3.5 mm jack.
Also in this case we have a double color in two shades of gray: lighter for the earphones and in-line controls, darker for the fins and the rubberized cable. The combination also works and fits perfectly with the other peripherals of the Moonlight White series.

On the field, the ROG Cetra II Core performed very well. The controls, which allow you to manage the volume and music playback, are extremely responsive, while the jack, which has an angle of 90 °, facilitates …

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