AMD RDNA3 GPU: New information leaked

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The upcoming release of the new AMD home GPUs is not a mystery. The Santa Clara giant announces another novelty for AMD RDNA3 GPUs

The release of branded next generation video cards AMD is no longer a mystery and new information is leaking out about the GPU AMD RDNA3. We recently told you about the memory that will mount the new AMD jewelscode name Navi 31. The next series of graphics cards Radeon RX 7000 from AMD based on architecture RDNA3 it should feature next generation protocols across the board. Thanks to a dedicated patch to the Linux kernel, they are new information leaked on the display output choices that AMD will present to consumers in upcoming products.

DispalyPort 2.0 and the new UHBR standard

According to the patch analysis, it was leaked that the GPU AMD RDNA3 will have an interface with technology DisplayPort 2.0which they will broadcast using the UHBR 20 communication standard. The UHBR 20 standard can provide a maximum bidirectional bandwidth of 80 Gbps, which represents the highest bandwidth in a currently available display output connector. With this technology, one GPU AMD RDNA3 may display a 16K resolution con Display Stream Compressiona resolution of 10K without compression or through the use of two 8K HDR screens con 120 Hz refresh rate. All this will be managed by the latest generation technology from AMD: Display Core Next (DCN).

AMD RDNA3 GPU: New information leaked

Monitor with DisplayPort 2.0, where are you?

Clearly, you will need to have a monitor that has an interface compatible with the technology DisplayPort 2.0but that’s another story. VESAan international corporate non-profit for standardizing monitor sizes and interfaces, said they should be available by the end of 2021. However, they have been delayed due to a lack of devices that support the interface. DisplayPort 2.0. With the next release of the GPU AMD RDNA3, you will finally have on the market of video cards capable of supporting this standard. It is expected that the market should adapt to demand in the short term, so we may soon see on the shelves of our trusted tech-stores not only latest generation video cardsbut also i monitor capable of supporting the latest DisplayPort 2.0 standard interface.

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