The Thief of Shooting Stars: Shooting Begins!

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Recently, producer Paolo Picciolo and Horcynus Productions announced the start of filming on The Thief of Shooting Stars: let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated article

Filming of The Thief of Shooting Stars, directed by Francisco Saia, has begun in the town of Milazzo (Me). Scripted by Paolo Picciolo, who is also the producer with Horcynus Productions, the film received the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and sees in the cast Daniel McVicar, star of the popular soap opera The Beautiful, Denise Mcnee, whose rich curriculum includes the television series Il Collegio, I Medici and Diavoli, the promising Martina Palladini, Leandro Baroncini and the little Francesco Bucca.

The Thief of Shooting Stars: Shooting Begins!

The Thief of Shooting Stars: filming by Francisco Saia begins

At eight years old, Camillo Favara known as Milo asks a shooting star for a large chocolate cake. The desire comes true and makes indigestion. At eighteen he asks his star to be able to “kiss, hug and… all the rest” Betty, a charming Italian-American tourist. The two have an intense love affair, but, at the end of the holidays, Betty breaks Milo’s heart, telling him that for her it was just a summer pastime, with no future. Milo thus learns that “when the Gods want to punish us, they grant our wishes”. And, by a strange coincidence of fate, he becomes a thief of shooting stars in order to correct those wishes that could hurt. At forty Milo “steals” the shooting star with Betty’s desire for a child, and is overwhelmed by a whirlwind of emotions.

The director said:

It is a great honor for me to be able to direct a feature film with a large international cast at the age of only twenty-four. I will give all of myself and I will exploit all the experience accumulated over the years of study and apprenticeship to be able to make a great film that will be distributed all over the world, expressing a very nonconformist and surreal directing style and giving great importance to colorimetry, inspired by great artists like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Joann Sfar and Steven Spielberg.

The photography of the thief of shooting stars was entrusted to Gabriele and Andrea Bizzoni, while the sets are by Tonino Di Giovanni and the costumes by Flavia Pinello. Many professionals of the troupe are from Milazzo, Catania and Messina, while the entire direction and production department is in Rome. Horcynus Productions has entrusted the executive production of the film to the experienced professional Giuseppe Andreani. Other well-known actors in the Italian film scene will be added to the cast. It is the intention of the production to present the film at the most important international film festivals.

And that’s it: filming of The Thief of Shooting Stars has begun and we will certainly know more in the coming weeks. Let us know what you think below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news on the subject of cinema and TV series!

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