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The Tomorrow Children torna a Q-Games: rilancio in vista?

Q-Games, the Kyoto-based development studio known for the Pixeljunk, announced a few hours ago that it has reached an agreement with Sony regarding the IP of The Tomorrow Children, which should now be permanently back under the control of the study. The original title was a free to play released for PlayStation 4 a few years ago now.

Q-Games si riprende The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children had become famous within one niche of enthusiasts because of its unique futuristic setting, based on a “neo-Soviet” world, for the advanced technologies used (such as the Voxel Cone Tracing technique) and large-scale cooperative multiplayer. However, it failed to capture a large audience, which led to the closure of all servers on November 1, 2017.

The Tomorrow Children Q-Games

Now, Q-Games is planning to relaunch the game with some improvements. Here is the message shared by the founder, CEO and Game Director Dylan Cuthbert:

I would like to thank the fans of The Tomorrow Children first, without whom I would never have had the security of continuing to pursue this deal. Our fans are some of the most incredible players we’ve ever seen, and every day for the past four years they’ve kept the dream alive. I think the best part of this decision is imagining the fun fans will feel when they reenter the insane post-apocalyptic neo-Soviet world of The Tomorrow Children.

Secondly I would like to thank Sony Interactive Entertainment for working with me to bring the IP back to Q-Games. It took an effort from all of us to get to this final step and I am grateful to all parties involved in the process.

I’m now tweaking and reworking parts of the game, and I hope everyone follows and gets involved in this process. We plan to make some changes for the better to give The Tomorrow Children the second chance it deserves!

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