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Samsung develops the industry’s first LPDDR5X DRAM

Samsung, the world leader in advanced memory technology, announced today that it has developed the first 16GB DRAM based on 14 nanometers, Low Power Double Data Rate 5X (LPDDR5X). DRAM was designed to drive further growth across all applications of high-speed data services including 5G, artificial intelligence (AI) and the metaverse. Let’s find out all the details together.

Samsung’s first LPDDR5X DRAM


“In recent years, hyper-connected market segments such as AI, augmented reality (AR) and the metaverse, which rely on extremely fast large-scale data processing, have been expanding rapidly. “Our LPDDR5X will expand the use of high-performance, low-power memory beyond smartphones and bring new capabilities to AI-based edge applications such as servers and even automobiles.” This is what Hwang Sang-joon, the senior vice president and head of the DRAM design team at Samsung Electronics said.

Samsung’s LPDDR5X is one Next generation mobile DRAM designed for to increase significantly speed, capacity and energy savings for the future 5G applications. In 2018, Samsung delivered the industry’s first 8GB LPDDR5 DRAM. Today, the company is moving aggressively beyond mobile markets with the first 16GB LPDDR5X DRAM.

LPDDR5X DRAM will offer data processing speed up to 8.5 gigabits per second, over 1.3 times faster than the 6.4Gbps of the LPDDR5. Leveraging the industry’s most advanced 14nm DRAM process technology, the device will also utilize approximately the 20% less energy with respect to memory.

In addition, the 16GB LPDDR5X chip will allow up to 64 gigabytes per memory package, satisfying the growing public demand. The South Korean company also revealed that it will begin collaborating with manufacturers of global chipsets to establish a more feasible picture for the expanding world of digital reality, with its LPDDR5X at the heart of the project.

The company will try to expand its mobile DRAM line pioneering with continuous improvements in performance andenergy efficiency, also strengthening its market leadership with greater production agility.

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