Cagliari-Inter: dove vedere la partita?

The Tour d’Excellence leaves for Doha to spread the values ​​of the Geneva Motor Show.

With just over a month to go before the opening of the inaugural Geneva Qatar International Motor Show on 5 October, preparations are proceeding apace

The automotive event had an outstanding attendance, with over 30 participants who presented a selection of twelve world premieres.

Alexandre de Senarclens, President of the Organizing Committee of the International Motor Show, expressed great satisfaction with the enthusiasm shown by exhibitors towards this new event format in the automotive sector.

He also pointed out the loyalty of the participants to the brand and the trust established with Qatari partnersfactors that allowed this event to fix new reference standards.

The Tour d'Excellence leaves for Doha to spread the values ​​of the Geneva Motor Show.

Excellence, innovation and pioneering spirit

Il BORN launched the Tour d’Excellence to establish a symbolic link between its two host cities, Geneva e Doha.

As explained by Sandro Mesquita, CEO of GIMS: “Excellence, innovation and pioneering spirit are the key elements of the GIMS DNA. The idea of ​​the Tour d’Excellence is to embody this spirit, as we highlight recent advances in the electromobility industry.”

Today, two crews aboard due Volkswagen ID Buzz with the colors of the GIMS they embarked on the journey from Geneva.

Without any kind of assistance, they will drive up to Doha, in Qatarby September 30th. The route will cover almost 6.500 kmcrossing 12 countries e 2 maridemonstrating the technological capabilities of electric vehicles.

The two teams leading this extraordinary adventure are made up of exceptional individuals. The first is Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed AG, a leading figure in the automotive industry and a loyal exhibitor at GIMS for over 40 years. The second is Rainer Zietlowowner of, holder of 6 Guinness World Records and numerous long-distance travel records.

Their experience and passion for challenges make them ideal candidates to lead this exceptional journey. Frank Rinderknecht said: “Rainer and I are looking forward to this unique and extraordinary challenge. While the charging infrastructure is well developed in Europe, the same is not the case in the Middle East. Traveling 2,500 km in the Arabian Peninsula will require creativity and flexibility to obtain electricity.”

A project of this magnitude could not be implemented without the support of a major partner: the technology group Harting, a leading provider of charging infrastructure and technologies for electromobility. Founded in 1945, this family-owned company has the motto “Pushing performance”. Today, it supports all current charging standards and develops charging technologies for car manufacturers and infrastructure developers.

Supplying directly to the VW Group, Harting has for years been enthusiastically involved in projects demonstrating the performance and range of electric vehicles.

Il Tour d’Excellence he is also an ambassador of Geneva’s values ​​of hospitality and openness to the world. As Sophie Dubuis, President of Geneva Tourism explains: “We look forward to discovering the GIMS in Doha and strengthening the already close ties between our two destinations. The tourism industry is looking forward to welcoming GIMS back to Geneva next February, to celebrate its 100th anniversary as an international motor show!”.

During each stage of the Tour d’Excellencea cube with the GIMS colors, symbol of these values, will stop.

During the opening ceremony of GIMS Qatar the October 5ththe cube will illuminate a sculpture at the entrance of the Doha Exhibition and Congress Centerthe headquarters of the Doha automobile festival, just like an Olympic torch.

The media and the public can follow the Tour d’Excellence and team progress regularly on the website of BORN.

The Tour d'Excellence leaves for Doha to spread the values ​​of the Geneva Motor Show.

Preparation for GIMS 2024 in Geneva

This autumn represents the beginning of the concrete phases of preparation for the next edition of BORN in Geneva, scheduled by February 26 to March 3, 2024. This highly anticipated edition takes on special significance as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first international GIMS.

Under the leadership of Sandro Mesquita, the teams have developed a flexible and modern event platform designed to welcome both global manufacturers and start-ups. The goal is to present a wide range of content focused on the theme “Car. Future. Now“.

These two events proceed in parallel: the GIMS Qatar puts emphasis on immersive experiences, while the Ginevra is born focuses on innovation and the future of the automotive industry. In this way, the GIMS international platform becomes a place where the public can discover new experiences, the industry can present its innovations to the press and professionals can interact with each other.

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