The Tower: a new fantasy with Bella Thorne is coming

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A new fantasy is coming. This is The Tower, the new film by Adam Sigal, which will also star Bella Thorne

It seems that mermaids are back in vogue these days. After the release of the Little Mermaid in live-action version, the director Adam Sigal is working on a brand new fantasy, starring just one of these mysterious sea creatures. Here’s everything we know.

The Tower: a new fantasy with Bella Thorne is coming

Plot and cast | The Tower: a new fantasy with Bella Thorne is coming

Although there is not yet very detailed information about this new release, it would seem that The Tower is centered on the story of a mermaid, trapped in a tower, in a small southern town and forgotten there for many years. We have no other information regarding the plot, but we can anticipate that the protagonists of this film will be Bella Thorne e Jack Kilmer.

Thorne, American actress and singer, in addition to being famous in our country for her relationship with the Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo, is famous for the films The Babysitter (2017), Time Is Up (2021-2022) and The sun at midnight – Midnight Sun (2018). Jack Kilmer, son of actor Val Kilmer, instead took part in the film Palo Alto (2013) and, more recently, in two episodes of the TV series Willow (2022-2023). At their side, there will also be Cam Gigandet, already seen in The OC (2005-2006) and Twilight (2008) and Chris Mullinaxfeatured in Chariot (2022).

To date, The Tower doesn’t have a release date yet, however, we know that production began even before the actors’ strike. This means that fortunately the film will not suffer any stop. Adam Sigal himself has spoken out about it, supporting those who are demonstrating for their rights these days, promising that, as soon as the film is finished, the cast of The Tower will also join the cause.

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