The Triangle Elara LN01A active Bluetooth speaker review. • Techprincess

The Triangle Elara LN01A active Bluetooth speaker review.  • Techprincess

the Triangle Elara LN01A they are active speakers with a 50 Watt x2 amplifier inside, optical and coaxial inputs, a phono input and finally an RCA and mini Jack input. The price? not excessive but we’ll talk about that later.

Triangle the French speakers for audiophiles and more

Triangle, for the uninitiated, is a French brand which has been producing Hi-Fi speakers quite well known among audiophile enthusiasts since 1980. The founder of the brand, RENAUD DE VERGNETTE, likes to define Triangle as a romantic hero who focuses on emotions and sensitivity over reason and rationalism. A Triangle speaker was born with the purpose of bringing out the feelings from listening and getting as close as possible to the real sound event. With the modernization of things and the changing needs of customers, Triangle has decided to combine the passive speakers with active models including our Elara LN01A.

Triangle Elara LN01A what are they?

The triangle Elara LN01A they are active speakers, that is with on board amplification, which will allow you to implement your audio experience by combining easy to use, good quality and small size. First you need to divide the speakers into master and slave.

What does it mean master e slave?

Oh no, don’t think about strange things right away! By master and slave we mean that there is a main speaker which acts as a connection center and a secondary that connects to the first via cable.

the dimensioni (165 x 225 x 291 mm) they are such as to be able to place the Triangle Elara LN01A almost anywhere and also the weight, of 5.2 Kg for the master speaker and 4.6 Kg for the slave one, will help you in your intent.

Once unpacked, the Triangle Elara LN01A stand out for their beautiful appearance lacquered finishflawlessly crafted down to the smallest detail, using MDF wood with a thickness of 21 mm for the front baffle and 18 mm for the rest of the diffuser. Two drivers used: Tweeter da 25 mm with silk dome and a 135 mm midwoofer in treated paper. Not bad solutions for the market segment in which they are placed. The type of upload is bass reflex, with an outlet on the rear panel, so we advise you to position the Traingle Elara LN01A at least 20 cm from the back wall. The declared frequency response 56-22 +/-3db hz-khz it should be more than enough for satisfying listening, especially if used in the near field. Available as optional i pedestals LN05A. On the other hand, a mini remote control with which you can also adjust the tones, two bezels to be placed on the front of the speakers by means of the magnets “hidden” inside the cabinet, the connection cable between the two speakers and a power cable. We point out, for lovers of practicality, a connection Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP aptX.

Rear panel of the Master speaker with all connections

The master speaker

The Traingle Elara LN01A houses on the rear panel of the main speaker a potentiometer for volume control which doubles as an input selector, the DAC inside is a Cyrrus Logic WM8761 that you can use via optical and coaxial connection. The supplied analog inputs are of type mini Jack e RCA. The latter, via a selector, can become an input phono MM.

Triangle arrowThe selector to switch from line input to phono input and vice versa

By the way, remember to place your wired sources at a distance so that you can connect them to the main speaker. If possible, avoid placing the turntable on the same plane as the speakers to avoid possible resonance when listening.

The only speaker that will need to be connected to the mains is the main speaker on which there is an IEC socket. For lovers of telluric bass there is also the possibility of connecting a subwoofer. There is no HDMI connection for the TV that you can still connect to the optical input.

IMG 20220328 074009

On the front of the master speaker there is a Led which indicates if there is power and the type of connection used (green for wired inputs, blue for Bluetooth). After 30 minutes of inactivity, the Triangle Elara LN01A switches off by itself. A little display perhaps it would have made things easier but it would also have raised production costs.

1648446601406Rear of the slave speaker

The slave speaker

There is not much to say about this speaker other than that it is a passive speaker that connects to the main speaker exclusively via cable (no wireless). During the installation phase, carefully consider the length of the cable which should be around 2.30 meters.

ln01a packshot blanc 02 2160x1518 1

ln01a packshot noir 01 2160x1518 1

triangle active series ln01a linen grey packshot 2

blue abyss ln01a site 2021 2 2160x1518 1

site ln01a english green 2021 3 2160x1518 1

We test the Triangle Elara LN01A

It is practically nonsense to connect them, five minutes and all will be ready to use. Bluetooth connects to our Android phone without any problems and playback runs smoothly. We have tested all the various types of digital connections and the audible differences between Bluetooth and optical or coaxial input are really difficult to perceive, so if you are an advocate of practicality but you are afraid of losing something in quality, do not make yourself many problems. We also tried connecting a good quality external DAC (via RCAs) such as theADI 2 RME but even in this case the differences were not such as to justify the price difference. Let’s say this system was optimized to work togethera situation in which he manages to give his best by maximizing the price / performance ratio. The Triangle Elara LN01A immediately showed off a nice character, which with a few hours of use and running in has further improved performance. We used them by placing them on a stand via Bluetooth connection or via coaxial on the sides of the TV.

IMG 20220323 155611 2The LED that indicates the status of the speakers

What struck us right away is a fast and damped low end with good extension considering the size. The timing was also good, allowing us to listen to various pop music tracks. The power is not lacking and even in medium / large environments they defend themselves well. We played a little bit with the high range by adding a couple of dB in to make the sound more or less airy depending on the placement. As for the phono input, connecting the Pro-Ject T1 we talked about a few days ago, the sound result seemed good in relation to the price. Often we happened to listen to objects with phono inputs of dubious quality, which is not the case with these Triangles which defend themselves well from this point of view.

ln01a packshot cable 01 2160x1518 1The equipment includes a remote control, a power cable and a cable to connect the speakers together

Who are the Triangle Elara LN01A intended for?

The audience is vast, they could be the ideal speaker for those who, tired of the quality level of the wireless speaker bought at the supermarket, want to make a breakthrough important without trespassing on extremely expensive items. In this case the improvement will be high. Or again we think of the audiophile looking for one practical and compact solution for its workstation in the office or for a second system at home. Third case not to be underestimated is that of those who want to increase performance TV sound perhaps taking advantage of the Smart functions of the latter by subscribing to one of the many streaming services on the market and with the opportunity to enjoy excellent music.

triangle ln01a edition limitee pictures packshot site aubergine 02 2160x1518 1

Prices, availability and miscellaneous.

Prices vary from 449 Euro to 499 Euro depending on the chosen finish, availability is immediate.

The Traingle Elara LN01A are an easy product, without many scattered wires that at a still reasonable cost can make a big leap forward in terms of quality to the music lover who wants to improve his listening experience without sacrificing practicality. Triangle products are distributed throughout Italy by Tecnofuturo.


  • Phono input
  • Finishes
  • Easy to use


  • A display with indications is missing
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