The Tumblr App adds a filter for sensitive content

L'App di Tumblr aggiunge un filtro per i contenuti sensibili thumbnail

In an attempt to fully comply with the App Store rules, Tumblr is adding the “Sensitive content” option to its iOS App. Enabled by default, this aims to keep all posts recognized as sensitive outside the recommendations section. And not only this, since it will also block this content within the search results and hide the blogs recognized as “explicit”.

Tumblr: iOS App Introduces “Sensitive Content”

The Tumblr iOS App introduces the “Sensitive Content” option, which will allow users to avoid viewing such posts from their account. If they want to, that’s clear. If not, in fact, they have the possibility to switch the setting to view all those content identified as suggestive or sensitive. But despite this, it will still not be possible to view the posts recognized as explicit – even if it is not yet clear what the Tumblr App means by this adjective -.

For those who don’t remember, the platform banned porn and lifelike representations of human genitalia in December 2018, after being removed from the App Store. Therefore, now the application has decided to add a filter for sensitive content to anyone using the latest iOS version. In this way, the Tumblr App hopes to comply as closely as possible with the rules of the App Store. Always offering the possibility to disable the setting to its users.

“These latest updates give our community more control over the iOS app to create the experience that suits them best and explore the content they find interesting.” So wrote the platform. And then he added that “while the experience for our community is a top priority, we must also abide by Apple’s App Store guidelines and guidelines.” In short, it is clear that the App does not want to make the mistake of 2018 for the umpteenth time. And the “Sensitive Content” filter is a great solution to that.