L'Università di San Diego ha realizzato un'app per rilevare l'Alzheimer thumbnail

The University of San Diego has developed an app to detect Alzheimer’s

The University of San Diego has created an app to detect Alzheimer's thumbnail

The researchers of the‘University of San Diego in California they achieved an app capable of detecting diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The application uses the smartphone camera (in particular of a Google Pixel 4) to analyze the patient’s pupil. Here are the details of the project that could provide important support for detecting severe illness and significant cognitive impairments.

The app that detects diseases like Alzheimer’s is a reality

According to the University of San Diego team, who described the project to The Verge magazine, the eyes are an important parameter for detecting Alzheimer’s and other diseases. Recording the response to specific tasks makes it possible to analyze the presence of cognitive disorders in the patient through a specific software.

The application takes advantage of the infrared cameras of the Google Pixel 4 which are used for face unlock. This is a system that readjusts this hardware component of the smartphone to obtain precise information about user behavior.

The app-based system made by the University of San Diego represents a first element to improve Alzheimer’s screening. In this way, the goal is to reduce the costs for laboratory analyzes and reduce the time to identify the disease. We will see how this new project can represent a useful support against diseases and cognitive disorders.

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