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Cinema d’iDEA, from De Andrè’s story to women’s cinema

Cinema d’iDEA makes its return with the sixth edition, let’s see together the program of June 30th

Also this year the iDEA Film Festival – International Women’s Film Festival, now in its sixth edition, is approaching.

This is the event entirely dedicated to women’s cinemaunder the direction of Patrizia Fregonese de Filippo.

The festival will be held in Rome starting from 1 July 2022 at Il Cantiere. Already from tomorrow 30 June the day promises to be particularly rich.

Where are you?

Cinema d'iDEA, from De Andrè's story to women's cinema

At 19:30 there will be the presentation of the book by Roberta Lena, Where are you? The author will talk about it together with the psychologist Lidia Tarantini and will alternate with the readings of the actress and model Elettra Mallaby.

DeAndré # DeAndré – Story of an employee

Cinema d'iDEA, from De Andrè's story to women's cinema

Following, at 9.30 pm, Roberta Lena will present her documentary DeAndré # DeAndré – Story of an employee.

It is not just a simple and exciting tribute to the famous and unforgettable Fabrizio De Andrè, but it is, more specifically, a profound investigation into the father-son relationship.

Lena reconstructs the experience of Cristiano De Andrè’s two-year tour. The tour concept was taken from his father’s most famous album, Storia Di An Employee, in fact.

The documentary reconstructs the entire musical journey through the filming of concerts and unpublished repertoire materials that embrace very different contexts, from social struggles to more intimate family moments.

The whole is amalgamated together by primordial love and the almost symbiotic relationship between a father and a son.

La Machetera

Cinema d'iDEA, from De Andrè's story to women's cinema

At 11.00 pm it will be the turn of the presentation of the Cuban film La Machetera of the very young and talented Yanet Pavon Bernal, in the presence of the protagonist.

Inspired by a real story and set in rural 1970s Cuba, the film tells the story of a teacher returning from Havana to the countryside where she was bornwho decides to join a machete team, in which she is not accepted because she is a woman and competes to win the grand prix.

A work to give a voice to women from all over the world, making themselves spokesperson for fundamental rights for which it is worth fighting for.

Also this edition of Cinema d’iDEA promises to be very rich and varied in content, and will you go and visit the festival?

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