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The unobtainable Ferrari 330 GT Serie II and Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA are up for auction

Catawiki, an online auction site, offers two unobtainable vehicles for classic car lovers: the Ferrari 330 GT Series II and the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA.

The Ferrari 330 GT it is remembered as a symbol of Italian design. Elegant and powerful, this 330 GT is one of the most sought after 2 + 2 models on the market. Not for nothing has it been one of the favorite berlinettas of Enzo Ferrari in person. The car was also the choice of other influential characters such as the Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands and the “Beatles” John Lennon. Also Chris Amon, driver of Scuderia Ferrari from 1967 to 1969, he chose it as his personal car.

The car at auction is dated 1966 and originally owned by a well-known Lebanese dignitary. In 1978 the car passed into the hands of an English war reporter. After the latter’s transfer to Italy, in 2018, the car became the property of an entrepreneur and collector from Perugia. Its valuation is between 352,000 and 390,000 euros. At this link the auction page.

The second, iconic, auction car is the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA which dates back to the 1960s. Derived from the more classic Giulia GT, the GTA was created to take part in the most important “Tourism” races of the time, making it one of the most successful cars in history.

This model is nowhere to be found as there are only 483 examples. It is no coincidence then that Catawiki expert Franco Vigoritoestimated the sale between 341,000 and 376,000 euros. To access the auction, the following link is available.

Catawiki, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo branded Italian excellences up for auction

Franco Vigorito, with regard to the two cars at auction, points out that “despite the passing of the years, the conditions of both cars are impeccable”. This, according to the expert, “gives enthusiasts the opportunity to take home two rare gems that represent the excellence of Italian production in the automotive sector”.

Vigorito noted that the market for classic and vintage vehicles is moving online at an accelerating pace. This makes it easy to rely on Catawiki, an ideal place for car enthusiasts to buy and sell safely.

“Hundreds of vehicles are auctioned every week on Catawiki and among the Italian brands, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo are at the top of the most wanted list – explains Vigorito. The top 5 of the cars most loved by collectors is completed with Fiat, Maserati and Lancia.

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