The Vatican is working on an NFT gallery that can be explored with VR viewers

Il Vaticano lavora ad una galleria NFT esplorabile con visori VR thumbnail

The Vatican’s digitization process continues, which is now working on a collection of digital works of art in the form of NFT (Non Fungible Token). The project was born in collaboration with Humanity 2.0, a non-profit foundation of the Holy See, and aims to create a real digital version of the Vatican Museums. These, which contain an inestimable artistic-cultural heritage, will therefore also become accessible through VR viewers and 2D browsers.

The Vatican NFTs will have a “social and non-commercial” purpose

The Humanity 2.0 foundation is an NGO that works to promote relations between the religious and private sectors. The organization is led by Father Philip Larrey, dean of philosophy of the Pontifical Lateran University, and will work on a sort of metaverse. This will include, at least initially, a digital version of the works already present in physical form in the Vatican Museums. To physically create the collection, Humanity 2.0 will rely on Sensorium, a Californian company that has already contributed to the creation of the Samsorium Galaxy metaverse.

Despite the economic nature of the blockchain and the current NFT market, the Holy See has made it clear that the aims of the project are different. Below is the official declaration of the Vatican, received through a press release from the Holy See.

“The nature of this Humanity 2.0 project is exclusively social and not commercial. Furthermore, NFTs do not necessarily have to represent themselves in works of art, but can also include tickets and other objects ”.

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