The Vicenza Classic Car Show comes to an end

A few days ago the last day dedicated to the Vicenza Classic Car Show ended, where spectators had the opportunity to participate in the exhibition of splendid vintage cars that made motoring history

For the world of motors there is not only space for races, competition and the adrenaline of Formula 1. In fact, there are also quieter events where you can admire the art of design of these fantastic vintage cars that make a great impression and certainly get noticed. Not long ago we had the opportunity to witness the wonders displayed at the Milano Design Week, with Alfa Romeo Junior taking the opportunity to show off to the general public. But this event was not dedicated only to Milan, in fact another event which was held in Vicenza, in the region of Veneto. In fact, let's talk about Vicenza Classic Car Showwhere they took the opportunity to amaze spectators with the splendid vintage cars that are still beautiful to admire today and are truly worth a fortune.

The Vicenza Classic Car Show comes to an endThe Vicenza Classic Car Show comes to an end

What was seen at the Vicenza Classic Car Show

Among the exhibitions that spectators appreciated most was the one dedicated to the designer Marcello Gandini, who sadly passed away recently. At the exhibition dedicated to him they showed three examples of Lamborghini Miura P400S, two yellow and one light blue, and three examples of Lamborghini Countach, in this case one blue, one white and one light blue. In addition to Lamborghini, the stand was also the protagonist Daniele Turrisiwith a Lancia Rally 037 road from 1982. The specimen they showed at the event has a very particular story: It has only traveled 1,800 km and has only changed 6 owners and the last one was the one that had exhibited it in his personal museum. There was also space for rally and therefore also for Miki Biason, two-time world champion. Bison intervened to talk about his experience in motorsports with the public.

A very interesting event which gave motor enthusiasts the opportunity to enjoy a bit of history. Have you been there? Would you have liked it? Tell us with a comment below and continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for other news from the world of motors and much more!