The video game releases of January 2023 between Dead Space Remake and Forspoken

Le uscite videoludiche di Gennaio 2023 tra Dead Space Remake e Forspoken thumbnail

January it’s always a dull and empty month, which passes slowly and also in a rather boring way. So how can we fight this post-holiday emptiness? Very simple: discovering together i video games to be released in January 2023 and choose our next adventure.

So what are the video games to be released in January 2023? Not many, we admit. Compared to past months, even videogame January is rather empty. However there are still some small but interesting news. Let’s discover them together.

January 13 – KartRider Drift

KartRider: Operation is the new title free-to-play of the popular multiplayer car racing series that captivates more than 300 million players. It is about the only one free-to-play, cross-platform kart racing game where you will find arcade thrills, speed and drift races, unique customizations in high definition, both for the karts and for the characters.

Chaos and fun await you on the track and get ready to challenge your friends on multiple platforms.

KartRider: Operation is now available on PC, Xbox consoles and mobile devices.

January 13 – One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey it’s a RPG made to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series. The title introduces the distinctive features of the game into the classic formula of Japanese RPGs ONE PIECE. Passionately developed over many years to give fans a faithful recreation of the world that inspires it, the title is finally ready to set sail.

The author of ONE PIECE, Eiichiro Oda, actively participated in the project by creating unpublished characters and monsters, and contributing to the drafting of the screenplay. The game can also count on the evocative music of Motoi Sakuraba.

During their journey on the Grand Line, the captain Luffy and her crew are caught in a violent storm. When the sea calms down, Straw hat finds himself lost on a mysterious lush island, Waford, separated from the rest of his crew. Thus begins a new and exciting adventure full of natural wonders, fierce enemies and strange encounters with the inhabitants of the island.

One Piece Odyssey is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.

January 19 – Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden among the January 2023 video games

The celebrated Persona 4 Golden it will allow you to live unforgettable adventures, intense bonds and moving experiences to share with friends.

They say that your soul mate will appear if you watch a television on a rainy night. A strange rumor spreads in the country town of Inaba, new home of the protagonist, as he begins a series of mysterious murders. As the protagonist and his companions pursue the truth, they will find themselves opening the door to another world.

In Persona 3 Portable an unusual calm envelops the city, people transform into creepy coffins and supernatural monsters called Ombre they swarm everywhere. One night, the protagonist suffers an attack by these Shadows. When all hope now seems lost, the power of the heart, the Person of him, he wakes up.

Both reissues will debut the January 19, 2023 su PC, PlayStation, Xbox e Nintendo Switch.

20 Gennaio – Fire Emblem Engage

Il Evil Dragon he woke up. Fight as the Divine Dragon alongside legendary heroes to save the continent of Elyos in Fire Emblem Engageavailable from January 20, 2023 only on Nintendo Switch.

Every thousand years, legendary heroes called emblems instill extraordinary power in the one who possesses them 12 emblem rings. As the ritual approaches, Already, the Divine Dragon of prophecy, awakens to collect the rings and bring peace to the continent. However, the Sombron Blight Dragon, bitter enemy of the Divine Dragon, pursues his nefarious goals and wants to take possession of the rings in turn. Only Already and those who have remained loyal to the Dragon God stand against Sombron to prevent the continent’s total destruction.

Il January 20, 2023 will also debut Monster Hunter Rise on consoles Xboxand will be included in the Game Pass.

January 24 – Forspoken

The prophesied follows the journey of Freya young girl from New York who is transported to the land of Athia. As he tries to get home, he’ll have to use his new ones magical abilities to traverse vast landscapes and face monstrous creatures.

The title will debut on January 24, 2023 su PlayStation 5 e PC.

January 27 – Dead Space Remake among the January 2023 video games

Dead Space Remake it’s a game survival horror developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts. It’s about the remake of the 2008 game of the same name developed by EA Redwood Shores and its release is scheduled for January 27, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S. It is the first release in the Dead Space series after 2013’s Dead Space 3.

The game keeps the same basic plot of the original. Set in 26th centurythe story follows the engineer Isaac Clarkecrew member of a repair vessel assigned to the USG Ishimuraa huge planetary mining ship.

While investigating a distress call sent by the ship’s medical officer, Nicole Brennan and the ship’s crew are attacked by strange creatures.

January 30 – Backfirewall_

Backfirewall_ it’s a’first person tragicomic narrative adventure set inside a smartphone. You are the update assistant: Solve puzzles to thwart the upgrade and save the previous OS from deletion.

The fate of the system is in your hands.

Discover the phone user history as you explore it and collect text messages. Full of twists and turns and intrigue, with each message collected you will get more context to understand it.

Backfirewall_ will debut the January 30th su PC, console PlayStation, Xbox e Nintendo Switch.

January 31 – Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition among the January 2023 video games

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition presenta The Last Khans con 3 new campaigns and 4 new civilizations. Frequent updates include events, additional content, new game modes and improved features with the recent addition of co-op mode.

The definitive edition will debut on January 31st su PC e Xbox Series X/S.

On the same day, January 31, it will also debut It’s a peanut in version early access on PC and Xbox.