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Xbox consoles are about to go “greener”

Xbox consoles are about to go "greener" thumbnail

Microsoft recently announced that a new “carbon aware” energy consumption mode it is being rolled out in the test program Xbox Insider. This new mode will soon be available to all Xbox owners. Here are all the details.

Microsoft’s “carbon aware” program for Xbox consoles

Microsoft OpenAI

The new mode optimize updates eh download so that they are executed at times when the local power grid it is less dependent on fossil fuels. This way the console can then use the more renewable energy to perform these operations. The updates of Windows 11 they became carbon aware last year.

As long as the console is connected to the internet and can access the regional data on carbon intensity it needs, it will be carbon aware by default. But the optimizations will only work if the console is in mode Stoprather than at rest.

This is a new useful optimization. However, the biggest impact will be in the Xbox owners who choose to use Shutdown mode rather than that At restas the latter is up to 20 times more efficient from an energy point of view.

Also the consoles too Xbox One they will have new modes of consumption, including the same energy saving mode Shutdownwith downloads and updates enabled, used by Series X.

Microsoft points out that every two consoles they switch from Sleep a Shutdown they save the equivalent of amount of carbon removed from a planted tree and raised for a decade. However if you want to use the sleep mode, you can use the setting Active Hours that will enable remote wake up and thequick start of sleep mode during certain hours, and then shuts down completely at the end of the day.

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