The vision of the BMW Italia group

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BMW Italy: in recent days Massimiliano Di Silvestre, President and CEO, during a press conference, made known, through a discursive letter, the vision of the group. Here it is below.

The vision of the BMW Italia group

Our technology, our design, our values, beauty, innovation and digital as well as the sustainable and circular approach meet here the high level human relationship in a refined, warm, welcoming and luxury place. It is the place where the “on life” approach, capable of combining the digital and human experiences, can find an effective synthesis.

It is an innovative space, an all-Italian concept, where Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch find their ideal combination. This is our way of preparing the way for the premium urban mobility of the future.

And in fact, not surprisingly, we wanted to open this meeting with the video of the BMW iX Flow, the extraordinary technology that allows a car to change color, presented at CES in Las Vegas and applied for the first time, in an experimental phase, on our BMW iX just launched on the market.

With the BMW iX Flow we presented the prospect of an innovative technology that uses digitizationand also to adapt the exterior of the car to everyone’s preferences. The surface of the BMW iX Flow can change hue at the request of the driver. The fluid changes of color are possible thanks to a coating specially developed for the bodywork of the BMW iX. Through an electrical impulse, electrophoretic technology brings different color pigments to the surface, making the body take on the desired color.

The innovative E Ink technology opens up new avenues for modifications to the vehicle’s appearance based on the driver’s aesthetic preferences, environmental conditions or even functional requirements. The technology therefore offers an unprecedented opportunity for customization of the exterior design. In this context, we are driving technological development so that a new form of personalization can be experimented both on the outside and inside of future vehicles.

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