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The Walking Dead: the series finale (with spoilers)

The Italian public is preparing to see the grand finale of The Walking Dead aired today on Disney+, but in the US it has already been broadcast and it was an ending with a bang, amidst great surprises and an unexpected closure

After eleven seasons on the air since 2010, The Walking Dead ended with a grand finale that closed the parable of the series. For many years the series has moved, frightened, made us think, never posing as just horror but as a dramatic series full of food for thought and moral tensions. In the epilogue this inspiration remains and is underlined, with the cry of ‘We are the ones who live‘. Let’s see together the highlights of the season and series finale, with the caveat that there will be spoilers.

Those who have followed the series have learned to understand that The Walking Dead has never been simply a series about zombies but something more: since the early seasons it has told the vicissitudes of the Survivors between life and ethics, complicated choices and pain.

The Walking Dead: the series finale (with spoilers)

When the curtain closed ‘Those Who Live’ had theirs revenge also on who tried to frame them and kill them: how did The Walking Dead end then?

The Walking Dead series finale

We reiterate once again that spoilers will follow. The survivors found themselves trapped between the Commonwealth Army and a herd of walkers sent by order of Governor Pamela Milton and ready to pour into the hospital where Daryl and Carol performed an emergency blood transfusion to save Judith Grimes, who was left badly wounded in a firefight.

Rosita, Father Gabriel and Eugene separated from the group to reach the daughter of the former, while Maggie, Negan and Ezekiel helped General Mercer escape, treated as a deserter. At that point, everyone put their lives on the line to unlock the gates as Negan tried to talk Maggie out of assassinating Governor Milton, offering to fire the moral shot for him. However, it was Mercer who arrested Governor Milton for serious crimes against the people of the Commonwealth, while the walkers were drawn in and killed in a timed detonation also destroying the Estates.

The Walking Dead: the series finale (with spoilers)

After a one-year time jump, the Commonwealth has found a fresh start under Governor Ezekiel and Deputies Michael Mercer and Carol Peletier. Survivors seek a new and peaceful beginning here, while the connected communities of Hilltop and Alexandria do likewise.

Maggie and her son returned to the Hilltop while Alexandria returned to being a safe zone with Gabriel and Aaron. Negan has moved elsewhere while Daryl decides to move away permanently, entrusting the children to the care of Carol and Ezekiel. However, in this ending of The Walking Dead there is also room for a sensational return, that of Rick, apparently engaged in a different community but alive, and in search of his loved ones. Thus ends the series just as it began: With Rick Grimes searching for his family in the zombie apocalypse.

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